​What if the Pyramids Were Made Just for You?

For travelers looking to book tours from now through March 11, 2020, Egypt Tours & Travel is offering $350 off any of its current tour packages

2020: a year promising exceptional growth in Egypt’s tourism industry with more than 15 million tourists visiting in 2019 alone. Americans tend to be reluctant when it comes to traveling anywhere near the Middle East. What if everyone stayed home and never traveled? There would be less adventures, discoveries, and insights. If people didn’t travel, there would be less interconnected friendships created in cities from around the world. People would never see the beauty of the Rose Red city of Petra, the birthplace of Jesus, or be able to marvel at human ingenuity of how the pyramids were constructed. They would never experience different, delicious cuisines. Without travel, life has much less color.

Experience the technicolor of the world through Egypt Tours & Travels all-new luxury and private tour packages to exotic destinations. All packages include benefits such as private cars and guides throughout, using client-rated deluxe Nile cruises, along with personalized and accommodating customer service.

What makes all of Egypt Tours & Travel’s Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Turkey tours unique is that individualized tours are guaranteed. Travelers will be provided with private air-conditioned transportation, an Egyptologist, and a driver during all transfers and full-day sightseeing tours - meaning better and safer service and more attention to each client, with the services and experience of a tour manager at each person’s or party's constant disposal.

Egypt Tours & Travel has three offices between the U.S. and Egypt, as well as numerous representatives in other countries assuring travelers years of experience, excellence, and reliability on each trip.

The goal is to cultivate enriching experiences for people in places with vast opportunities for cultural expansion and knowledge. They will tour areas that are subject to growth and, most importantly, history, as Egypt Tours & Travel encourages travelers to push boundaries and discover more about the fascinating world they live in. With new premiere destination packages, clients will adventure through time to discover new sights, world wonders, and captivating people.

The destinations selected on the Egypt Tours and Travel site are unique, exotic, and mysterious - allowing explorers to visit the cradles of civilization and witness history and landmarks that can be seen nowhere else in the world. The goal is to provide everything expected from a superior and reliable tour operator company, such as fully planned and personalized trips among carefully selected scholars to fully enhance each client’s journey to each location.

New Tour Packages include:

Egypt Tours is proud to feature the best and enrichingly unique properties and cruise ships in each package, including accommodations known for their characteristic style, maximum comfort, charm, and personal service. Some of the properties used are historical landmarks, such as the Marriott Mena House Hotel, the Cairo Marriott Hotel and Casino with its palace, the Old Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor, the King David in Israel, Oberoi Cruise Ships and more.

Egypt Tours & Travel is having a Special Offer of $350 off any of its current tour packages for anyone traveling between now and March 11, 2020.

Please view Egypt Tours and Travel site for more information.

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​Egypt Tours and Travel, Chicago, Illinois
630-427-1234 // 800-TO-EGYPT // 800-863-4978
Email: info@EgyptTours.com

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