What Happens When You Lose a File

Losing data can be very traumatic. The frequency of data loss and the impact can be greatly mitigated by taking proper precautions. The best thing to do is educate yourself and prepare ahead of time

"The file cannot be found." Whether it is a work document you have been working on for days or a picture that is very dear to you, seeing this error message is bound to worry you. When this happens, remember to keep calm and remedy the problem.

Before conceding defeat, perform a search first. Remember the file name? If so, click on the search function and conduct a search. It is good to use just the first few letters of the title. For example, if the document is named "HappyMemories", type in "hap". Separate the two words, i.e. happy memories, there is a chance that the file will not show up in the search results.

Why do files go missing? Most likely, you had dragged the file into another folder by mistake. Another possibility is that you have accidentally deleted your file. To get back a deleted file, go to your Recycle Bin -the icon of which is found on the desktop. If the file is still in the bin, simply click on the Restore Button. The file can then be found in the folder where it was last saved.

Alternatively, cut and paste the file in a new folder. This way you need not have to sift through folders just to find your recovered file.

Permanent deletion of files
When clicking on a file, hit the Shift and Delete keys, the computer will prompt you and ask if you want to delete a file. By hit 'yes' without reading the message carefully, you might permanently delete the file. This file will not even be sent to the recycle bin.

Should this happen, stop all your work and any data writing process to the same disk partition. Remove your disk and install it as a "read-only" drive on a different computer.

All is not lost. There are free recovery tools that can help recover your file. Simply follow the instructions. To ensure success, always remember not to save or write anything in the disk partition.

If the recovery tool does not work, please seek the help of a data recovery specialist or firm. Make sure you go to a credible one -more damage could be done if your hard disk is in the hands of an inexperienced technician. So be aware.