What Effective Cybersecurity Training Looks Like in 2022

iQuanti: The pandemic has changed everything about the way we conduct business online. With the rise of remote working came the increase in cyberattacks from bad actors hoping to exploit disbanded workforces. Organizations have struggled to keep up with demand, and there seems to be a new standard of what effective cybersecurity training looks like in 2022. Here are the trends to watch.

Investing in Teams

At the forefront of all successful cybersecurity training is the investment in everyone who is involved in business operations. There is no single way to infiltrate an organization, but there are certainly common ones, one of which is phishing. 

Because of how common it is, anyone could accidentally expose the business by clicking on a bad link or opening an infected attachment. Effective cybersecurity training means starting with the basics, which should be reviewed routinely as a part of security awareness training.

Sharing Knowledge 

What up-to-date cybersecurity training also entails is making your employees feel comfortable with the digital world. Teaching them to recognize when something is awry and helping them to feel comfortable and empowered to question anything suspicious will create an army of alert and vigilant workers keeping an eye out for online health.

What won't help, and may hurt, is keeping the battle within a small group of executives or IT departments and not educating general staff on best practices for online health. 

Staying Up-to-Date 

Business leaders should be educating themselves and relaying updates to employees on the latest trends. With the face of cybersecurity constantly changing, it's important to keep tabs on what you're up against. 

For example, 2020 and 2021 saw an increase in RaaS attacks and internal plotting, including employees taking bribes to plant malware in a company's network. Knowing what the trends are, staying ahead of them, and adopting safeguards may prevent your organization from being targeted.

Preparing for the Worst

While there is no way to completely erase the chance of a cyberattack, it's also important to be prepared for one. Organizations should optimize their cybersecurity training, implement backup plans that save all important files, and develop an airtight response plan for when things go wrong. Organizations that prepare for the worst will have the best chance of recovering quickly in the case of an attack, such as ransomware.

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