What Does It Take to Commission a New Server Room or Data Centre? Critical Power Supplies Releases Free White Paper

Designing a new data centre facility and commissioning it to ensure optimal system performance is a massive undertaking.

Jason Koffler, Managing Director of Critical Power Supplies, explores what it takes to commission a data centre.

There are a huge number of technical components, specifications, and testing requirements to handle. And each step of the process, from neatly organising cables to conducting integrated systems testing, requires near-flawless attention to detail.

When meticulously executed, however, you can count on a reliable data centre and better system performance throughout the facility's lifecycle. Let's dive into what it takes to make this happen.

Designing a reliable data centre - what's required?

Whether your organisation needs a small, one-room setup or a large data centre, the fundamental requirements are the same. A data centre needs the appropriate amount of space, a system to regulate the environment, adequate security, a reliable power supply, fire suppression, and networking equipment, in addition to the servers.

Areas covered in the free article include:

Space and equipment requirements

Climate control

Data centre security

Power supply and effective power distribution

Fire suppression

Networking equipment

Commissioning the data centre for better performance

What happens if you skip or shorten the commissioning process?

An overview of the commissioning process

Once the physical infrastructure has been assembled and installed during the implementation phase, commissioning can begin. After that, the data centre staff are formally trained to ensure they have all the information necessary for operating the data centre.

During all the equipment and systems testing, information is compiled for the trending reports and systems operations manuals. These documents are created for the data centre operations team, so they have resources to help with operations, troubleshooting, and incident resolution once the data centre is live. These documents can include:

  • Trending performance data
  • Explanations of root causes of future failures
  • Support data for risk assessment analysis
  • Prediction of expected results from system events
  • Training materials

The commissioning process also entails several phases of site preparation and testing.

Pre-functional testing

Functional performance testing

Integrated systems testing

At Critical Power Supplies, we create a leading-edge installation that will ensure greater availability, security, and efficiency. Partner with the UK's leading independent power protection installer and get the peace of mind that comes with working with a team of experts who can deftly manage every stage of your project. We can cover all of the elements from configuration to testing, giving you a fully managed space that's ready to populate with your IT hardware. Whether you're building a network closet or a large, scalable data centre, our team will ensure the most effective system design for you.

Ready to learn more about how we can make your project successful? Call us any time on 0800 978 8988. We'd love to share our server room commissioning template and data centre checklist with you and answer any questions you may have.

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