'What Day Are You?' is a New Kind of Children's Book Aimed to Support Youth Mental Health Awareness

"What Day Are You?" (Made for Success Publishing) is not just another children's book; it's a captivating narrative authored by the dynamic Hawaii father-daughter team, Steve Sombrero and Candice Sombrero Ishikawa. Released on Dec. 5, 2023, this story invites young readers on an enchanting journey alongside Moco, a sea turtle from Laniakea, and his fellow marine companions. Through their adventures, these characters delve into life's nuances, learning to navigate life’s challenges. Along the way, MoCo learns a secret equation for embracing life fully. 

What sets this heartfelt creation apart from other children’s books on the market is that it caters to readers in the 6th-8th grade demographic. Having battled with his own struggles with teenage depression, co-author Steve Sombrero embarked on this project with a vision to instill hope among adolescents. 

Reflecting on his personal journey, Steve has a transformative realization during a trip to tsunami-devastated Tohoku, Japan, and found a renewed purpose in sharing this empowering message, particularly crucial for teenagers facing similar emotional battles. 

A striking statistic from the Hawaii Department of Health revealed that about 35% of teenagers in the state grapple with teenage depression. Fueled by a desire to extend a helping hand, Steve enlisted his daughter Candice in co-authoring this book. "What Day Are You?" emerged as a beacon of guidance and encouragement for those seeking solace and direction in their lives.

To fortify their commitment to supporting adolescents, a significant portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to youth mental health and suicide prevention charities. Additionally, 10% of all sales profits will be contributed to the Moore Aloha Foundation, a remarkable initiative aimed to empower and inspire young women, championed by Olympic Gold Medalist surfer Carissa Moore. 

"This book beautifully captures the essence of living in the moment and embracing the aloha spirit," commends Carissa Moore, endorsing the book's impactful message.

Author Steve Sombrero expressed, "My aim was to uplift and empower young minds and individuals navigating through their personal struggles. This project isn't about monetary gains; it's about offering hope and support, something I wish I had during my youth." 

Steve Sombrero is a respected Hawaii businessman and entrepreneur, leading multiple local business enterprises. His professional achievements align with his dedication to various nonprofit organizations, promoting social welfare and international educational initiatives. Co-author Candice Sombrero Ishikawa is a business and psychology graduate and steers the creative drive at Aloha Beer Company. Drawing from her own journey combating depression and body image issues, she is also committed to destigmatizing mental health challenges through advocacy.

“What Day Are You?” made its debut on Dec. 5, 2023, achieving #1 New Release status on Amazon for both Paperback and Audio books. This charming story promises to be a meaningful addition to any child's library and a thoughtful holiday gift that carries a powerful message of resilience and living in the moment. 

For further information about this remarkable book, please visit https://www.madeforsuccess.com/what-day-are-you/.

Source: Made for Success

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