What A Rain Chain Is All About?

Turning adversity on its tail and making it work to your advantage is what a rain chain is all about.

"Turning adversity on its tail and making it work to your advantage is what a rain chain is all about. The malleability and natural beauty of copper is used to create various combinations of a practically usable yet beautiful object to match the architecture of a home " explains Jim Lewis of Complete Water Services.

A copper rain chain is the extension of the gutter and replaces the downspout that is generally used. The gutters themselves are installed to avoid water seepage and damage to the building structure. These copper rain chains were first introduced in Japan over a century ago and are still in use. These chains are easy to install and are hung from the outlet hole (what attaches the downspout to the gutter) in the gutter. The chains may consist of simply interlocking rings, or more ornate designs such as an Arts and Crafts motif or themed rain chains such as pineapples or hummingbirds.

Jim continues "Rain Chains may resemble blue bellflowers, lotuses, multiple coils of chains or even a woven basket with a real glass grape and leaf motif. The beauty is even more apparent when various colours are used. The sparkle and shine due to the flowing water make them a truly attractive showpiece for your home."
Copper rain chains are beautiful to watch when the water rushes down. They also produce tinkling and chiming sounds, compared to the hollow gurgling sounds of a pipe. These chains are not fixed to the walls and so are free hanging, with no need for clamping. There is no danger of seepage through the walls unlike a broken pipe. Also, there is no need for bends and joints to guide the water towards the ground. These chains can be installed by a single hook at the top or with an installation kit made specifically for rain chains. The jingling sounds produced when a breeze flows through them, creates a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere around the home.
Complete Water Services has a wide variety of rain chains to choose from. Prices quoted are typically for an 8.5 foot rain chain. The price increases proportionately to the complexity of the design involved. One can even have a birdbath attached to these chains, so that it appears as a natural structure rather than an artificial accessory.

For more information: E-mail Jim Lewis ... jlewis@cwaterservices.com

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