WGA Top Bank Index Outperforms Industry Benchmarks

Bank Leaders Up Double Digits in First Four Months of '24

Whalen Global Advisors LLC

Whalen Global Advisors has released the WGA Bank Top 100 for Q2 2024, including indices for the top 10, 25 and 50 publicly traded banks

The WGA Bank Top 10 list for Q1 2024 is available on the WGA website in one of our regular commentaries in The Institutional Risk Analyst. The complete list of the Index constituents is available to subscribers to the IRA Annual Service and is also available for purchase in The IRA Online Store

“WGA has constructed the Indices to highlight the better performers among the top 100 largest banks,” notes IRA Chairman Christopher Whalen. “Despite the rally at the end of Q1 2024, only 30% of the names in the WGA Bank Top 100 Index had positive equity returns for the first four months of the year. But there were some surprises among the top performers, as once again it is proven that size matters."

He added: "The performance and back-testing of the Indices by our partners at Thematic shows superior equity market performance vs. other funds and broader equity index benchmarks.”

Year-to-date through May 6, 2024, the WGA Bank Top 25 Index was up 15.28% and outperformed major bank EFTs by a significant margin. Likewise, the WGA Bank Top 10 and Top 50 indices outperformed major bank EFTs, supporting our thesis that a portfolio chosen by qualitative factors can outperform traditional market weighted indices and passive strategies. 

“Investors and consumers want an easy way to select the best performing commercial banks,” notes Whalen. “The ‘representative portfolios’ contained in many ETFs and other passive strategies simply ignore financial performance in favor of sheer size.” 

The WGA Bank Top Indices are available for license. For additional information, please contact WGA at info@rcwhalen.com

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