Wevr's ​​'TheBlu: Deep Rescue' ​​Premieres at New Dreamscape Location

Acclaimed Undersea Immersive Experience Reimagined As Free Roaming Full Sensory Adventure

TheBlu: Deep Rescue

  ​​Audiences can now experience Wevr’s critically acclaimed undersea immersive adventure ​TheBlu ​in a radically new location-based installment with cinematic narrative and social interaction. ​TheBlu: Deep Rescue​, a co-production with Dreamscape Immersive, opens today at Dreamscape’s brand new venue in Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, part of the company’s expansion, which includes stand-alone and in-theater venues via a partnership with AMC Theaters.

Following ​TheBlu​ home edition, widely accepted by audiences as the preferred introduction to VR, ​TheBlu: Deep Rescue​ is a brand new location based edition of the groundbreaking franchise. Directed by Jake Rowell, this all new adventure reimagines ​TheBlu’s​ vivid undersea simulation as an interactive multi-person experience propelled by an action-based and emotionally engaging narrative. With Dreamscape’s focus on cinematic storytelling, the result is an opportunity to experience something most only dream about—the extraordinary sights and sensations of traveling with friends deep beneath the waves and swimming alongside giant blue whales. Even more, it allows audiences to viscerally experience the act of saving an endangered species.

“For ​TheBlu​, we’ve always wanted you to experience it with other people,” says director Jake Rowell. “Our goal from the beginning was to create convincing avatars and experience this world with your friends. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Dreamscape and work on their platform helped make this a reality.”

Dreamscape Immersive CEO, Bruce Vaughn explains, “Feeling what it’s like to be a member of an elite dive team on a mission to save an endangered blue whale is truly wish fulfillment beyond one’s wildest dreams and a huge step closer to realizing the ultimate promise of immersive entertainment.” Wevr Cofounder, CEO and executive producer of ​TheBlu: Deep Rescue,​ Neville Spiteri adds, “At Wevr, we make immersive software—with heart. We are delighted with our partnership with Dreamscape Immersive. With ​TheBlu​, we are in the sweet spot of a steadily growing audience for immersive entertainment and building value for years to come.”

Wevr cofounder Anthony Batt states, “Wevr is not simply a VR or AR studio. We make all types of immersive content and always think about how to use the newest technology to create the best experiences and stories.”

Purchase advance tickets for ​TheBlu: Deep Rescue​ at the Westfield location in Century City, Los Angeles from​ ​dreamscapeimmersive.com​.

About Wevr

Wevr is an independent studio committed to creating extraordinary immersive entertainment with a world class team of successful tech entrepreneurs, Academy Award-winning creatives, designers and software engineers. After decades spent developing some of the world's most technically advanced movies, games and web products, we are now pioneering new media in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Alongside ​TheBlu,​ Wevr has partnered with director Jon Favreau (​Iron Man,​ ​The Jungle Book​, ​The Lion King​) for ​Gnomes & Goblins​, as well as produced groundbreaking experiences with renowned creatives including Reggie Watts, Run the Jewels and Deepak Chopra. In 2017 the company was included on Fast Company’s list of "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in AR/VR.” Wevr is headquartered in Venice Beach, California.

Press inquiries: ​press@wevr.com

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