WestWorld to Become a Reality...Maybe?

Taking its inspiration from the hit HBO show, WestWorld, a group of creative minds are attempting to bring a WestWorld-esque ​theme park to life, albeit a more family friendly version without the adult themes. The World's of Kairos, better known as simply Kairos, is on a mission to re-imagine the next generation of theme parks.

Kairos's foundation will be built on technology; to include a variety of artificial intelligence, animatronics, augmented/virtual reality and robotics to create a theme park with a real world experience that will become the standard for future parks. Kairos is based on many themes, places, events, and time periods. Kairos is an immersive and very interactive experience unlike anything that exists today. Seizing on WestWorld's popularity the first phase of Kairos will be based on the Wild West.

A big part of what will make Kairos unique from today’s theme parks is its focus on interaction and immersion vs. the long wait times for short rides that are common in today's parks.  Kairos will be a place where families compete against each other, other families or make alliances for a common goal. Something that is truly unique to Kairos will be the opportunity for those who may not be able to physically play to be involved in the action.

They will have the opportunity to control the artificial intelligence to compete with and/or against their family and friends. This option will also be extended to the outside world. Think of it as the ultimate online role-playing game. This option will allow anyone who is not able to visit the Kairos park, the ability to login and also take control of the artificial intelligence and participate in real time with their own objectives and goals.

To get this dream off the ground, Kairos just launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter with hopes that a successful funding campaign will be the start of bringing Kairos to life.

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Kairos is a reimagined theme park using today's technologies to create an interactive and immersive experience that combines artificial intelligence, animatronics, augmented/virtual reality and robotics to create the next generation of theme parks.

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