Western Technology Launches the LINKaLIGHT Wide Area Stringer Light System


Western Technology, Inc., a Washington-based company, has been providing work solutions for extreme work environments for over 42 years. Western Technology, the recognized leader in rugged portable lighting for “hazardous locations”, is proud to announce their LINKaLIGHT system for any non-hazardous location needs.​

Recognizing the need for high-quality, ordinary location lighting while maintaining the same durability offered in their current “KICK IT TOUGH” line of lights, they are now introducing the LINKaLIGHT portable lighting system. This system allows the operator to position individual lights or to securely position multiples in a string light configuration, using only one power supply. Each light head has an astounding 6,000 lumens, drawing less than 1 amp, and offers the operator the flexibility of adding or removing light heads to extend up to 250 feet. In addition, each light head has a dimmer function for proper illumination of variable size workspaces.

The LINKaLIGHT is perfect in tunnels, tanks, silos, boilers, drydocks, airplane interiors, scaffolding installs and walkways where rugged, portable lighting is critical during construction, inspection and maintenance. Marine, industrial and aviation contractors will no longer need to settle for fragile, bulky, difficult-to-position, portable lighting.  

WT is known for their quality, so it’s no surprise that the LINKaLIGHT comes with weatherproof electrical couplings that protect against electrical shortage. In addition, each light is equipped with their signature rubber bumpers for added protection. Protective lenses and multiple mounting options have been carefully designed to support the needs in various spaces, offering the versatility expected with the KICK IT TOUGH lights.​

Western Technology’s LINKaLIGHT highlights include:

  • Reliability: Like all of Western Technology’s devices the LINKaLIGHT is made to have “tool-like” reliability​
  • Durability: It is machined out of solid blocks of 6061-T6 aluminum​
  • Lighting Power: Each light head has the lighting strength of 6000 lumens​
  • Ready When Needed: All-weather reliability used individually or linked together
  • Proudly made in the USA

Photo link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oak55jovnezodlf/AABWBF1K3P2fj3rQT0LlG18Ma?dl=0  

About Western Technology, Inc.: For over 42 years, Western Technology Inc. has designed and manufactured world-class, extreme work solutions. Addressing the safety requirements in hazardous spaces, Western Technology was one of the first to offer CERTIFIED, explosion-proof, wet location, LED lights designed to perform under the most rigorous operating conditions.  All Western Technology products are designed and built in America, and all are certified to meet the most stringent safety standards.  Western Technology is sold globally to a client list that includes the US military, Power Plants, Aviation, Wastewater, Offshore and many more. Boeing, Exxon, Kinder Morgan, Newport News Shipbuilding, Transocean, TrinityRail are just a few of their loyal customer base.

Please let us know if you have any LINKaLIGHT story possibilities or interview needs from our founder, Jim Geise, or our head of R&D, Dr. Michael Kralik. 

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