Westchester Bike Camp to Offer Bike Lessons for Kids and Adults in Westchester

Westchester Bike Camp will be offering bike lessons in Westchester for kids and adults for the third year. Each student is coached through a one-on-one customized program so they a comfortable and confident rider. Jeff Shaffer does all Westchester Bike Camp's coaching. He's coached youth basketball and baseball for two decades and is a Certified Tour Leader by Adventure Cycling.

Westchester Bike Camp will be offering bike lessons in Westchester County, New York for kids and adults starting April 1.  The instructional program recognizes that each student is unique and develops a customized program tailored his needs, goals and learning style.  The emphasis throughout is on safety.

The program begins with an assessment of the individual’s ability, learning style and a full understanding of his or her goals (e.g., riding around the neighborhood, commuting to work or school, or preparing for a multi-day adventure).  A step-by-step program is then developed to get the rider to his goal at a comfortable pace so that confidence builds with each step.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the program by discussing their child with the instructor at the outset and their child’s reaction to the program along the way.  While safety is the imperative, the goal is to make the lessons, and bike riding overall, fun. 

"Somehow he made something that she dreaded completely fun!"

All bike riding lessons for kids and adults are led by Jeff Shaffer, Westchester Bike Camp’s Chief Pedal Officer.  Jeff loves coaching!  In fact, Jeff started giving bicycle lessons in Westchester as a combination of his passion for cycling and coaching.  As expected, Jeff has been an avid cyclist his whole life.  He also is an experienced coach having coached youth baseball, basketball and soccer for 20 years.  He is also certified as a Tour Leader by Adventure Cycling, the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America.

Jeff’s passion for coaching is driven by the rewarding feeling of seeing each student succeed.  Jeff’s passion for cycling is contagious. Here are some recent reviews.

“Jeff managed to do in just six sessions what we struggled with for more than two years – he not only got my 8-year-old daughter to ride a bike for the first time, but he got her to want to ride. After years of tears and resistance, Jeff was able to get my daughter excited to ride, feeling confident and simply smiling about it! No clue how he did it, but somehow he made something that she dreaded completely fun!”     Josh W., Scarsdale, NY

“Jeff's Westchester Bike Camp is the only reason my 12 year old can ride a bike. When she was 11 her father and I were so frustrated because for years our lessons with her always ended in tears and falls off the bike. Jeff was so patient with our daughter. She was terrified of falling off the bike and balance was a real issue. As a result of her lessons with Jeff, she happily asks to ride her bike.  Jeff is amazing with kids.”    Barb W., Larchmont, NY

It’s students like these --- who when the riding clicks in and they look up and exclaim “This is Fun”  ---that is the reason Jeff coaches.

He is also experienced with kids with special needs.  Jeff learned to help kids with special needs when coaching youth basketball and baseball.  In coaching upwards of 50 teams, Jeff encountered many kids with special needs and learned that each is certainly unique.  These kid’s needs must be recognized and addressed and yet they should be treated like other kids throughout the process.  Again, parent collaboration is encouraged so Jeff understands those needs and programs are developed that addresses them.

“My son has an eye condition that caused us concern with respect to his safety. Jeff educated himself on the condition and worked with him on how to overcome the obstacles it presented.  Jeff was extremely patient and cautious, while at the same time pushing him to be the best he could be for the trip.  He took on the trip without a single problem.  He was well trained, well conditioned and, importantly, confident and safety conscious!” …..Kathleen R., Pelham, NY

To sign up for customized bike lessons, contact Jeff Shaffer at 914.844.7059 or Jeff@WestchesterBikeCamp.com.