West Regal Gives Back, Plans for Expansion in 2016

West Regal's Director of Operations detailed a recent volunteer effort and the benefits of supporting community organizations. She also discussed the firm's expansion plans for the coming year.

​​The team at West Regal is always ready to offer assistance to worthy causes. Over the holidays, associates had the opportunity to help those in need and grow closer together while doing so. The Director explained, “This holiday season our company was able to come together in various volunteering activities. We worked with Loaves & Fishes and NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence). We made stockings and donated toys to local families. The holiday activities definitely brought us closer together – teamwork is key.”

Loaves & Fishes is an organization that provides food for families in need, and the firm’s associates were honored to help advance its mission. The NCADD educates the public about addiction and helps those struggling with it. “Our team members are committed to making the world a better place however and whenever they can,” the Director added. “The chance to make the holidays a bit brighter for families going through dark times was one we couldn’t pass up.”

The benefits of philanthropic activities extend far beyond the rewarding feeling volunteers enjoy. According to the Director, there are also significant commercial advantages to giving back to the community. She stated, “Supporting good causes always offers positive PR, and it’s great to have the West Regal name associated with generosity and compassion. Aside from those benefits, we also get the chance to connect with all types of influential community leaders and business owners along the way.”

West Regal’s Director of Operations Discusses Team Travel and Expansion Plans for 2016

The Director is always looking for new travel opportunities for her team members. She remarked, “I love giving our people the chance to expand their horizons and learn new things by venturing far away from the office. In recent months, the West Regal team has gone on road trips to Fresno, San Francisco, Tahoe, and Reno, Nevada.”

During these excursions, the firm’s associates networked with assistant managers and regional managers. These connections mirror the company’s plans to expand operations in the near future. The Director concluded, “We’re definitely looking forward to expanding in Sacramento, the Bay, and the East Coast. It is an exciting time to be part of the West Regal team.”

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