West Hills Capital Believes That While Major Gold Rush is Coming, Smart Money is Buying Silver

National leader in bullion delivery believes smart money is on silver.

West Hills Capital

With the price of gold nearly reaching an all-time high, West Hills Capital believes that current economic conditions have greatly increased the potential for investment returns in precious metals. Gold has long received the spotlight but many feel silver currently has even more potential.

As a prestigious Precious Metals dealer that specializes primarily in bullion products, West Hills Capital completes over $250 million in yearly transactions on behalf of its clients. The company helps clients preserve their wealth, grow their investment, and rest peacefully knowing that owning precious metals will help insulate them from inflationary pressures and third party risk.

West Hills Capital CEO Joe Unger believes that a major gold rush is coming.

"While government debt financed consumption at the taxpayer expense has made everything we buy cost much more, it's easy to see that very few other options for diversifying portfolios outside of the dollar denominated assets subject to the massive inflation coming, gold will become the 'there is no alternative' safe haven asset in coming years," said Unger.

But not everyone will be able to get their hands on gold. As the price approaches levels yet to be reached, Unger believes the real potential is to be found in lower priced silver. 

"The customer ends up with more units for the same money and while silver is heavily undervalued, having more units growing at a higher percentage equals much bigger wins."

"We do believe that high momentum in inflation and that lower U.S. dollar is going to drive the gold price much higher and silver prices higher than gold. As we sit here today, it's not hard to find banks and market analysis that project a $3,000 gold price by 2023 and silver well beyond its all time high of $50, and higher thereafter. With the market currently crashing, interest rates rising, and inflation out of control, Wells Hills Capital believes a precious metals rush would come sooner rather than later. When gold makes its move, keep an eye on the sleeping giant, silver. As a percentage, I believe silver will outpace gold again," said Unger.

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West Hills Capital is a prestigious Precious Metals dealer that specializes primarily in bullion products. We help our clients preserve their wealth, grow their investment, and gain passive income through innovative and productive strategies.

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