WEOWNS Auto Deduction Reserve Trading, Pegged Stablecoin Revenue Sharing Fixed Price $282

A new type of cryptocurrency that automatically generates profit for the owners and stability for traders, through an innovative revenue sharing model.

Latoken is set to launch WEOWNS/USDT- WEOWNS/ETH-WEOWNS/USDZ reserve trading with revenue sharing coin pairing at a fixed $282 price per token for all time on WEOWNS with no change in price - using the world's first decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed USDZ stablecoin soft-pegged to the US Dollar and digital tokens in USDT.

New Auto-Deduct Collateral Reserve Trading (ADRT) Central Exchange System (ADRT) charges a fixed 10-20% of trading revenue to help stabilize the WEOWNS price at a fixed $282 per token. The revenue generated from these trades will be shared among all stakeholders of the ecosystem based on their purchase and sale transactions, including holders of USDZ tokens.

There's no need to have any collateral in USDZ, as it is backed by WEOWNS tokens that are staked against its value with all revenues from ADRT exchanges going back into reserve funds (10-20% of all transactions). This means that this currency can't be manipulated by traders trying to pump up prices.

The ADRT Central Exchange System will allow users to trade WEOWNS on Latoken exchange platform at a fixed $282 per token with auto-deduction of 10-20% in USDT and USDZ on every sale transaction and 2% on buy transactions using a new Auto-Deduct Collateral Reserve Trading (ADRT) Central Exchange System with revenue sharing.

By owning WEOWNS, token traders get a 20% share of total revenue generated from this reserve trading coin pairing system, which would include commissions paid to Latoken Exchange for providing services such as cryptocurrency exchange, currency conversion, etc., and other revenues generated through these automatic processes like interest payments on capital balances within accounts using USDZ & USDT collateral funds.

World's First Socialized Reserve Trading Platform

The world's first socialized reserve trading platform is here. Now, traders can trade WEOWNS coins and have the same liquidity as institutional investors. The introduction of this innovative reserve trading model enables traders who would otherwise be unable to participate in active markets due to budget constraints or time constraints, as well as those looking for more liquidity than that offered by ETH pairs only, access to competitive prices without sacrificing their reserves - which are maximized thanks to an automatic deduction system that takes away a percentage point each time a sell transaction is made and pays it back when traders buy again.

USDZ Stablecoin is coming for WeownomyChat and Zero Cost Digital Economy.

Weownomy Neobank the First Social media bank will create the first Zero Cost Digitial Economy and Treasury reserve with USDZ stablecoin, providing an easy-to-use platform for easy onboarding, transaction tracking and automatic stablecoin issuance/redemption.

As more people use WeownomyChat App platform, they'll want to hold onto their USDZ because they know it will always be worth $1 no matter what happens on Wall Street, so this creates an automatic supply and demand mechanism by which the company can issue new tokens when there are shortages while redeeming tokens when there are surpluses.

With the introduction of USDZ, subscriptions and payments, in general, will cost nothing to process, as all transactions are done using USDT (and USDZ coming soon).

When traders hold more than 50 000 USDT/USDZ in their wallet, they can convert them to reserve revenue trading pair and receive a monthly revenue distribution from 5% to 15%.

"WEOWNS will be an integral part of the new reserve revenue trading pairs, USDT and USDZ, to promote trade and commerce in the zero cost digital economy," said Ssemakula Peter Luyima, CEO Weownomy Platform Corporation.

All Weownomy Chat App users will be paid using USDZ stablecoin as well as payment for $1 annual subscriptions, and the Zero Cost Digital Economy enables all businesses worldwide access to a global marketplace that they can participate in without barriers or risks associated with cross-border transactions or currency conversion rates fluctuations.

To help onboard more users into the WeownomyChat App user-owned platform, Weownomy Neobank will offer $1 annual subscriptions an equivalent of $1,000 free in USDZ tokens, which can also be redeemed for services offered on the platform like Weownomy Chat app, where the company pay all users in USDZ tokens for their participation too.

WeownomyChat App users will be paid using USDZ for both payment for $1 annual subscriptions as well as participation in live chats and instant polls that generate revenue from advertising dollars at a rate of 50% shared with chat participants who use their platform currency "USDZ" to participate in these chats and polls on the app.

By taking advantage of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the company is able to create a currency that can't fluctuate in value like traditional fiat currencies. This means users never have to worry about their assets losing value overnight or for payments using WeownomyChat. It also means they don't need to pay exorbitant fees on each transaction - it's always just $1 per year, no matter how much you spend.

"You can now enjoy all the benefits of our WeownomyChat App, including free unlimited chat and video calls as well as live broadcasting and users will be paid using USDZ," said COO Michelle Rankoane, Weownomy Neobank.

H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou is now a Weownomy and Zero Cost Digital Economy Lead Investor

WEOWNOMY-the next generation of the economy. Weownomy is the ultimate evolution of an economic system as it embraces all entities within its ecosystem while providing a level playing field for all players with transparency and decentralization.

The company is honored that His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has decided to invest in the WEOWNS token economy with a large sum. He is believed to be worth an undisclosed sum, but his estimated wealth is several billion dollars as of 2021, and he has donated more than $50 million to charitable causes globally. The Company announced that His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou has made an initial investment of $250,000 in WEOWNS Token Economy and plans to invest up to $1 million on goodwill terms to follow shortly bringing his total potential investments up to US $30 million or €25 million which would represent up to 30% Zero Cost Digital Economy that combines all entities in our ecosystem.

"This is just the beginning for us at Weownomy. Our next goal? To create a Zero Cost digital economy where everyone can find their perfect home while we grow into one global family working together towards a brighter future. H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou will join the board of directors and will also invest up to $30 Million USD into economic rights of up to 30% Zero Cost Digital Economy that combines all entities in our ecosystem!" said Ssemakula Peter Luyima.

H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou has dedicated his life to creating solutions for poverty alleviation by investing globally in education, healthcare and clean energy production with the aim of developing strong economies within countries across Africa and Asia through an innovative mix of private sector investments, public-private partnerships (PPP) projects and donated $50 Million to charities.

With his background in finance and investments, H.E. Sir Patrick Bijou has proven himself time and again to be a competent leader of numerous organizations within the Financial Services industry. As one of the world's most successful investors, he has demonstrated that he can take risks with confidence knowing that even if they don't pay off initially there are always ways to turn them around for success.

WEOWNOMYCHAT for a new digital Economy $1 Annual Subscription

Users can earn WEOWNS worth $1,000 USDZ each year with an annual subscription to the WeownomyChat app that has the potential to replace Facebook and Google with one powerful app on our platform, which is set to launch March 30, 2022.

With WeownomyChat's privacy settings at its maximum level, users can rest assured that nobody will be able to access their private conversations without their explicit permission. Zero Cost Digital Economy integrated with a mobile app and SMS messaging, WeownomyChat is set to change the world of digital communications forever.

In order for this new approach to be successful, there needs to be some form of sustainable funding mechanism in place - the company is teaming up with leading telecommunications companies in order to share revenues from the use of WeownomyChat based on revenue of every SIM card through their networks (i.e., "zero-cost Data Plan" service). This way, everyone benefits - not just social media users who'll get rewarded by joining but also operators who can enjoy greater customer loyalty and better network performance when they know they have a stake in the success of these partnerships. A $2 SIM Card revenue to WeownomyChat under a cost-sharing business model with $6 telecom providers, social media users will earn annual WEOWNS worth 1,000 USDZ for a $1 subscription.

Users can earn WEOWNS by doing what they already do on Facebook & Instagram - plus to own WeownomyChat app with $1 annual subscription. One word: Opportunity. That is what users are being offered with $1 annual subscription because they'll be able to become their own bosses and start earning monthly income through ads or micro-tasks without any costs whatsoever - all by leveraging the power of their personal community, friends and family network without any investment whatsoever required other than time, effort and creativity.

WEOWNOMY Partners with World Peace Tracts and PAPA

Mr. Peter Luyima CEO on behalf Weownomy was inducted as a full member into the illustrious World Peace organisation known as "World Peace Tracts" who are working towards achieving world peace through understanding among nations and social justice among peoples.

WEOWNOMY partners with World Peace Tract for world peace and sustainable development. As a partner, the company has committed 20% of the token revenue (WEOWNS) back into its ecosystem through funding projects that support education, community empowerment, employment generation, healthcare provision, clean water access etc.

"The partnership between Weownomy and World Peace Tracts and PAN AFRICAN PEOPLES ALLIANCE is a strategic move towards promoting peace across Africa.The African continent has faced many problems over the years and is in need of a solution to these problems. WEOWNS are the currency of peace," said Ssemakula Peter Luyima CEO of Weownomy Platform Corporation.

Weownomy is proud to be part of a revolutionary movement, which strives to find solutions for all Africans regardless of their social status or religious beliefs and is committed to building a better future for all Africans and humanity through its projects aimed at improving quality of life in Africa and for all human race.

Helping to change the world.

Weownomy is committed to changing the lives of people all over the world by sharing our profits with those in need. WEOWNS are always in demand, and we share them with those who need it most - giving everyone a chance at a better life.

World Peace Tracts strive to bring about harmony between people by promoting mutual respect; tolerance; empathy; compassion; sharing with others what one has oneself (including knowledge); honesty in thoughts words and deeds so as to create a more peaceful society where every individual can live with dignity.

The motto of Pan African Peoples Alliance stands for unity within diversity- respect for different perspectives- creative problem solving skills-and an unshakeable belief in the power of human beings to make positive change happen for themselves, their communities and the world at large."

"Weownomy is committed not only locally but globally as well, and we own our future together," said Ssemakula Peter Luyima CEO of Weownomy. 


WEOWNS is a new currency that was created to address the shortcomings of Bitcoin. WEOWNS is designed to be used as an incentive for people who want to do good in their communities, not just mine bitcoins. WEOWNS incentivizes entrepreneurs and users to act with kindness towards one another by building trust through commitments made. This means that any user or entrepreneur who follows the precept should generally be expected to be more successful than otherwise because they will have earned more WEOWNS.

About Weownomy Platform Corporation

Weownomy Platform Corporation, Incorporated in the State of Delaware https://www.weownomy.global is launching a subscription-based, open and participatory platform. A new redefined social network that facilitates people's participation in the democratic process of defining their own rules for their future, generating an ownership structure where every person has rights to share in the proceeds generated by this new economy and hence true economic equality.


Ssemakula Peter Luyima


President and CEO

Weownomy Platform Corporation

Source: Weownomy Platform Corporation