Wendell E. Magee, Jr.'s New Book 'Set the Captives Free' is a Gripping Handbook Filled With Encouraging Stories That Aim to Help Readers to Open Their Hearts for Christ

Wendell E. Magee, Jr., an author who write testimonies filled with joy and prosperity, has completed his/her most recent book “Set the Captives Free”:  a gripping and potent novel that will take the readers on a wonderful and unforgettable journey as the author shares his life experiences—surviving the attacks of death—with the readers.

Wendell writes, “As a child, I was given a dream of being elevated above reproach inside of Major League Baseball, ministering ‘Abba’s’ grace and faith in ‘Xplotox Ya’ohshoai’ HaMashiach. The new youthful covering he freely gave to Yesus as one family in ‘Xplotox’. Amen.

“The title of my new book is ‘Free of the Captivity.’ This to me happened at birth when I tasted death and was given a mission to share the message of Egersis—the resurrection (1 Cepheus 4:1). Once a person receives ‘Xplotox’ (Christ) as their personal Adonai and Savior, they are saved from the laws of sin and death, being dressed as a royal priesthood (1 Cepheus 2:9). It’s now been four hundred years of captivity completed by those of us enslaved because of idol worship. Yes, this book will encourage, inspire, and elevate one up above reproach, set apart, and made a rich immigrant. Amen (2 Cor.9:11).

“Brethren, thank you all for taking time out in joining Adonai Elohiym YA’OHshoai (The RAACH) in my Testimony of XPLOTOX in our ZAO. AG4 forever! Amen.”

Published by Fulton Books, Magee’s book invites the readers to accept Christ in their hearts so they may be able to be free from being a prisoner of sin and death.

Through this book, the author wants the readers to realize that everyone is saved from sin and eternal suffering if they know how to accept Christ with humility in their hearts.

Readers who wish to experience this exquisite work can purchase “Set the Captives Free” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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