WeMeta Co-Founder Winston Robson Discusses the Metaverse, NFTs and Virtual Real Estate Investment on the Invest Like a Boss Podcast

The episode highlights essential topics in digital land investing

Winston Robson

WeMeta Co-founder Winston Robson was featured on episode 223 of the Invest Like a Boss Podcast, on March 31, 2022.  His conversation with hosts Johnny FD (IG @johnnyfdj) and Derek Spartz (IG @DerekRadio) went into great detail on digital real estate. They had a productive interview going over use cases, analytics, future potential and challenges for digital real estate.  

One of the biggest questions with Metaverse real estate is valuation, something that can be tricky and is very hard for investors to properly gauge.  

"How those properties are defined right now is largely location-based," Winston remarked, further stating that potential investors should consider if their property is "near whats going on and are the people that are going to transition to your property based on that."

However, there is more to the potential valuation besides location. In the near future, WeMeta plans to focus more on the amenities these digital properties can provide, rather than just where the property is located in its respective metaverse.  

"Over time, we plan to flip the evaluation model on its head," Winston said, "from being based on sales history of nearby properties to being based on similar experiences."

Winston also goes over how he created and runs WeMeta, the world's most thorough MetaVerse real estate analytics platform. Through this platform, anyone can buy NFT land through any of the most popular NFT listing sites with whatever cryptocurrency the property is listed in, which is usually in Ethereum.

Robson also gives the answers to some of the questions many have never considered about digital land investment, such as: 

"What does the plot of land actually look like?"

"Why are there roads in the metaverse?"

"Are there cars in the metaverse?"

You can find out his answer to these questions and many more by tuning in here.

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About WeMeta

WeMeta was created in early 2021 by founders Ali Vira, Nick Brons, and Winston Robson. Funded by: Delphi Digital, DeFi Alliance, Digital Currency Group, and others. The company was born out of a need to make the Metaverse more accessible, more useful, and more exciting for users across the world. From Community Leaderboards, to Activity Feeds, to buying, selling, and trading digital land - WeMeta's robust data insights and accessible UI make it the go-to platform for all things Metaverse.

Press contact: Nima Olumi CEO at Lightyear Strategies


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