WellScene ATL 2018: Curated Mind, Body & Spirit Experience for Women Actively Pursuing Their Best Life, Naturally

Gabrielle D'Auria launches inaugural WellScene ATL 2018 event coming this November

WellScene ATL Founder Gabrielle D'Auria

Gabrielle D’Auria is a woman on a mission. She’s an entrepreneur, health coach, a wife, a daughter and, above all else, a survivor. As the founder of WellScene ATL, Gabrielle is achieving her main goal: sharing her health and wellness journey to give women hope and the resources they need to keep themselves well and stay well. Through WellScene ATL 2018, a one-day conference curated as a complete mind, body and spirit experience for women actively pursuing their best life, naturally, Gabrielle will provide women with the life-changing knowledge they need to advance in their personal health journey. WellScene ATL 2018 will take place on Nov. 11, 2018, at Upstairs Atlanta.

In order to understand the incredible experience that WellScene ATL 2018 will bring this November, people must understand Gabrielle’s personal story. Gabrielle has fought for her wellness. Misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis of her unexplained stomach pain led her down a path of unnecessary medications, tests and treatments. Gabrielle persevered through each hurdle, ultimately connecting with integrative medicine expert Dr. Taz who helped her correctly identify and treat her auto-immune disorder.

The inspiration for WellScene ATL 2018 came to Gabrielle after attending several national conferences and events that seemed to over promise and under deliver. After leaving one conference feeling as though the emphasis was on sponsorship over helpful information and community building, Gabrielle took a leap of faith and launched into developing WellScene ATL 2018, a first-of-its-kind curated mind, body and spirit conference experience for women actively pursuing their best life, naturally.

WellScene ATL 2018 will feature some of the nation’s top experts in health, healing, nutrition and more. At the top of the roster is Dr. Taz Bhatia, founder of CentreSpringMD and Gabrielle’s personal physician, as well as the physician to some of the country’s most prominent women including Sara Blakely.

Attendees of WellScene ATL 2018 can expect an intimate, focused experience. Gabrielle feels passionately about creating a safe and welcoming space where women will learn from true professionals. “At its core, WellScene ATL 2018 is about information. It’s about providing resources and knowledge to women at every level in their own wellness process,” said Gabrielle. “I’m committed to fostering a supportive community where women know they are not alone in their struggle. We’re all in this together.”

Through WellScene ATL 2018, Gabrielle is creating a beacon of hope for women. “I want to educate and empower women to take care of their health and know it’s important. They are the only people that can do it for themselves. Women must be their own advocates for their health and focus on wellness from the inside out. Had I not done that for myself, I don’t know where I’d be.”

About WellScene ATL

Founded by health coach Gabrielle D’Auria, WellScene ATL is a first-of-its-kind curated mind, body and spirit conference experience for women actively pursuing their best life, naturally. The inaugural WellScene ATL 2018 event will take place on Nov. 11, 2018, in Atlanta and will feature some of the health and wellness industry's most prestigious experts in nutrition, beauty, personal healing and more. WellScene ATL 2018 aims to create a lasting wellness community among women without trends or gimmicks - just a truly authentic experience geared toward making a real difference in the lives of women at all points in their own wellness journey. To find out more about WellScene ATL 2018, visit www.wellsceneatl.com.

About Gabrielle D’Auria

A health coach, entrepreneur, actress, model and founder of WellScene ATL, Gabrielle D’Auria is passionate about helping people find their own unique healthy lifestyle. Having healed from her own auto-immune disorder, D’Auria now helps others discover their own path to wellness through one-on-one coaching as well as events like WellScene ATL. To find out more about Gabrielle’s story and to book her for an event, visit www.gabrielledauria.com.

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