Wellness Planner for Chronic Illness Sufferers

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Innovative and comprehensive tracking system for people battling serious health concerns, designed by C.J. Ellisson, New York Times & USA Today bestselling fiction author, and self-proclaimed Lupus and Lyme warrior. Tested and loved by hundreds of users worldwide, "Plot Your Health: a Journey to Wellness Planner" takes the guesswork out of juggling the details associated with managing severe or multiple ailments. 

Filled with pages to record condition details, medications & supplements, and test results, it also contains numerous tracking grids for twelve months of logging daily information. Never again will you forget questions at your next appointment, under-report your symptoms, or inaccurately answer whether or not you’ve taken all your pills. It’s also terrific for caregivers documenting important data for loved ones.

Amazon user quotes (94% Five Star Ratings):

“I see approximately 11 specialists due to my numerous health conditions and this planner helps me keep all the information straight that I need to keep myself in the best condition I can.” ~Vorpalswrd, Amazon Reviewer, @year_of_pain, Instagram user. 

“The ability to track multiple items, such as medications taken, various symptoms, blood glucose levels, insulin taken, carb intakes, and such have allowed my doctors and me to recognize patterns and adjust my treatments accordingly.” ~ Tamye Whitener, Amazon reviewer.

“I feel safer having this with me too, because in an emergency, EMTs would quickly find conditions, medicines and allergies.” ~ Lina Gokce, Mom in VA Amazon reviewer.

“Even though I am tech savvy, I get tired of hearing, ‘There's an APP for that’ whenever I need to do something with my life. Can't I just put something on paper? The problem is that the Apps don't integrate different functionalities and databases into one place. But, for such important medical information, it's just easier to have it written down somewhere.” ~ Cathy Grant, Author, Amazon reviewer.

“I didn't realize how much stress I carried over these things until I started using this, and the stress melted away.” ~ Patricia Burroughs

More reviews and full product details can be found on the Amazon product page. Product pictures are available via Google Drive. YouTube video on Usage and Set up.

About us: Red Hot Publishing is a small press focusing on fiction and nonfiction books for writers. The launch of "Plot Your Health" in quarterly booklets, a one-year paperback edition in standard and large print, and a PDF download, marks our further expansion into nonfiction. C.J. Ellisson applies ten years of experience fighting Lupus and Lyme to the creation of an inexpensive tracking notebook for all chronic illness warriors on the journey back to good health.

Press Contact: Stephanie Weinbrecht, Red Hot Publishing, 703-406-2932, stephaniew@redhotpub.com

Source: 'Plot Your Health: a Journey to Wellness Planner'

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