Welcome to the New Era of Digital Optics: Accufire Technology is Revolutionizing the HD Day and Night Digital Hunting Scope

Accufire Technology Noctis V1

Over the last few years, there's been a rise in day and night optics. Almost every major scope company has scrambled to find an optic that bridges the gap between day and night shooting. Accufire Technology has found the answer – the revolutionary Accufire Noctis V1.

What sets the Noctis V1 apart from other scopes? The Noctis V1 is an advanced HD day and night vision digital optic that brings clarity and versatility to the hunting experience. Our high-definition AmoLED screen and unparalleled infrared technology allow the hunter to accurately identify targets during the day or night. 

Precision defines the modern hunting and shooting era. The Noctis V1 offers 1-16x magnification to get hunters closer than ever to their target. An absolute reset to zero also allows hunters to trust that the Accufire Noctis V1 will return to zero even if hunters move it between guns - with the ability to store, update and save caliber data.

Power is still the name of the game. The Noctis V1 holds strong where others fail. With a maximum recoil of 800G, the Noctis V1 handles almost any firearm on the planet. Hunters enjoy unrivaled optic performance on high grain pistols, action-packed shotguns, high-velocity rifles and the most powerful big game barrels.

And finally, here’s the nail in the coffin for all other digital optics. The Noctis V1 offers HD video and audio recording. Capture every shot, every moment to relive hunts over and over again. The Noctis V1 allows hunters to record HD footage and audio regardless of available light and offers the advantage of built-in WiFi for shareable streaming to all social platforms. 

Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the new era of digital optics. The Noctis V1 truly revolutionizes day and night vision hunting. Join the revolution and join the Accufire Nation.

Learn more at www.accufiretech.com.

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