Weintraub Systems IT Consulting and HostBridge Technology Partner to Optimize Legacy Application Integrations to the Cloud

Companies partner to help enterprises optimize and integrate legacy mainframe assets as they build out hybrid cloud.

Path to Mainframe Optimization

Weintraub Systems IT Consulting, a Silicon Valley-based IT consulting and architecture firm, and HostBridge Technology, a 20-year provider of IBM® mainframe application integration software, have partnered to help enterprises optimize CICS applications for deployment within the hybrid cloud.

Effective integration is a critical enabler of a number of trends and technological forces currently converging within enterprises that run core business applications on IBM System Z platforms. These trends include accelerating digital transformation initiatives and allowing trusted legacy systems to fully participate in hybrid cloud strategies. Former IBM executive Phil Weintraub, president and lead consultant of Weintraub Systems IT Consulting, brings decades of experience advising enterprises using IBM System Z how to optimize and leverage their ongoing IT investment in the platform.

"As enterprises plan and execute the integration of core business applications into the hybrid cloud, they must solve not just integration problems, but also focus on optimization," said Weintraub. "There are multiple approaches, but some introduce inefficiencies at the high transaction volumes associated with mainframe transaction processing. Inefficiencies that introduce performance issues affect scalability and add costs. With the right tools and skills, it is possible to integrate mission-critical mainframe applications into the hybrid cloud while optimizing the interactions. HostBridge Technology has the software and expertise to make legacy CICS applications available as services through high-performing APIs."

"Phil Weintraub is an experienced, respected voice in enterprise IT circles," said Russ Teubner, CEO and co-founder of HostBridge Technology. "He understands the value that comes from properly integrating CICS applications with the hybrid cloud. Furthermore, he understands the cost of suboptimal integrations, and that integration solutions vary widely in terms of reliability, speed of implementation, cost to use, and flexibility in handling various types of mainframe applications. Combining Phil's experience, influence, and wisdom with our software will help the enterprises that we serve optimize their CICS applications ahead of schedule and under budget."

Together, the team of Weintraub Systems and HostBridge will perform a mainframe analysis to identify and prioritize integrations and optimizations to deploy mainframe applications to the hybrid cloud in an agile fashion. Using insights from the analysis, a complete plan of software, services, testing, and implementation is built - and executed if desired - to get the full benefit of robust high-performance mainframe capability into a hybrid cloud environment.

Joint Webinar

Weintraub and Teubner will jointly present a webinar on Feb. 3, 2021, at noon Central Time to discuss mainframe optimization and integration with the Hybrid Cloud. To learn more or register, visit: https://bit.ly/3958hNX

About Weintraub Systems IT Consulting

Weintraub Systems IT Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based team of independent consultants, software licensing experts, and IT architects dedicated to lowering the cost of your mainframe environment. We help clients leverage current investments, evaluate managed services, and provide a plan that lowers costs, modernizes applications, re-architects IT, and integrates with cloud solutions. For more information, please visit: www.WeintraubSystems.com

About HostBridge Technology

Founded in 2000, HostBridge is a privately-held enterprise software company that provides CICS integration, orchestration, optimization, modernization, and analytic software and services. Enterprises around the world use HostBridge software to allow mainframe CICS applications to fully participate in the hybrid cloud. For more information, please visit: www.hostbridge.com

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About HostBridge Technology

HostBridge Technology develops and delivers enterprise software to enable optimization, modernization, and integration of CICS applications and data with RPA automations, mobile, web and any other mid-tier applications and technologies.

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