WeightChart.com Adds Services for Growing Children

WeightChart.com is adding many powerful services to track growth of children.

WeightChart.com, the premier free web resources for wellness, has introduced powerful features to track growth of Children. The site now allows for tracking of weight, height, and head circumference of growing children.

For growing children, it is simple to track weight, height and head circumference, and other parameters. These measurements can be visually shown on percentile curves based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) growth charts. The CDC growth charts are based National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data. There are various views of the growth data including Weight to age, height to age, head circumference to age and height to weight.

WeightChart Trackables is a flexible solution to track nearly anything related to wellness. WeightChart Trackables are now added to growth charts. One can select from pre-defined Trackables or easily define one. Predefined Trackables for growing children includes sleep time and TV/Video time.

In addition to the tracking growth for children, WeightChart.com offers powerful and detailed growth charts for all visitors of the site. It is easy to look up vital statistics for growing children by month. For each year and month from birth to 18 years, for boys or girls, in pounds or kilograms, visitors of the site are able to see the weight range of various percentiles of the CDC growth charts.

These services are available to registered users without any cost.

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