Weichert Workforce Mobility Partners With Talent Beyond Boundaries to Support Displaced Refugees

Unique Partnership Leverages the Power of Relocation to Provide a Meaningful Solution to Both the Refugee Crisis and the Talent Shortage

Weichert Workforce Mobility, one of the world's leading talent mobility firms, and Talent Beyond Boundaries, a global not-for-profit organization that matches skilled refugees with companies in need of their skills, announced a unique partnership to provide a meaningful solution to both the refugee crisis and the talent shortage. 

This partnership will help companies meet the demand for talent by recruiting from a pool of displaced people, with the goal of maximizing relocation opportunities for this demographic. Weichert and Talent Beyond Boundaries have created a distinctive suite of services to make it easier for these employees and their families to assimilate into their new locations.    

"Many refugees have marketable skills yet find themselves in countries where they don't have the right to work locally and are locked out of international skilled migration systems," said Patrick O'Leary, Global Program Director, Talent Beyond Boundaries. "We're creating safe, legal pathways that enable displaced people to relocate for work, resume their careers, and rebuild their lives with dignity."

In the wake of the Great Resignation (AKA The Great Migration), finding highly skilled talent is extremely difficult. Talent Beyond Boundaries connects companies to a new source of candidates to fill critical talent gaps while supporting a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

"This partnership aligns perfectly with our core belief of 'raising your hand,' which encourages us—as a company and as individuals—to take the initiative to support causes that make this world a better place," said Dave Bencivengo, President of Weichert Workforce Mobility. 

"Furthermore, it gives power and purpose to our mission of unleashing the world's talent, while enabling us to address both the shortage of talent and the humanitarian crisis around the globe. We are uniquely equipped to help these families and their employers accelerate resettlement and reap the rewards and competitive advantage of a more diverse workforce. It's a different way for relocation companies to think about our role in society, and we're proud to continue to raise the bar—and the stakes." 

"Weichert is thrilled to have a new opportunity to do what we do best—help people relocate, settle in and begin a more rewarding life," said Mark Bennett, Executive Vice President of Weichert Workforce Mobility. "We believe in the power of relocation to transform lives, and with each transfer, we're not only giving companies a greater sense of purpose, we're empowering them to fulfill their promises around social equity."  

Ann Stafford, Weichert Workforce Mobility's Regional Vice President, Canada, is one of the architects of this partnership and will be managing the teams working directly with displaced families. As she explained, "Experiential learning is essential to growth, and sharing different cultural perspectives spurs innovation, ideas and social and economic development that will enhance everyone's quality of life. We are proud to support this initiative, and we will continue to build a unique value proposition to make Weichert the relocation provider of choice for companies looking to work with Talent Beyond Boundaries."   

Weichert will soon be announcing a series of webinars and learning sessions to help companies explore how they can tap into this important talent pool. Interested parties can contact Talent Beyond Boundaries or Weichert Workforce Mobility for more information. 

About Weichert Workforce Mobility
Weichert Workforce Mobility makes work happen by helping companies unleash their mobile talent, anywhere in the world. We combine bold innovation, future-proof technology and a Legendary level of caring to ensure employee experiences that empower our clients to better recruit, retain and develop talent. With the deepest global service scope--including in-house expense and assignment management, freight forwarding and expatriate tax service--and eight consecutive years of earning our industry's highest Net Satisfaction rating, we are the provider of choice for progressive, discerning companies worldwide. 

About Talent Beyond Boundaries
Talent Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit organization that aims to match skilled displaced workers with employers in Canada and other destination countries, including Australia and the UK.  Employers can search a growing talent catalog of more than 40,000 refugees for the skills they need.  Once identified TBB works with immigration and mobility partners such as Weichert and Fragomen to help the newcomer navigate the immigration and relocation process to settle into their new community. 


Weichert: tmccarney@weichertwm.com

Talent Beyond Boundaries: poleary@talentbeyondboundaries.org

Source: Weichert Workforce Mobility