WeedMeme Launches in Canada to Support Marijuana Legalization and Cannabis Industry Regulation

With the recent win of the Liberal party during the Canadian national election, and their promise to legalize and regulate the Marijuana industry, WeedMeme.com is excited to be launching Canada’s first complete publisher-inclusive Cannabis industry website. WeedMeme.com provides one-click access to blogs, news, magazines, podcasts, photos, videos, forums, and eventually a jobs listing database, Marijuana strain database, events directory, and much more. 

As Cannabis is becoming legalized in Canada, the average Canadian may be interested to educate themselves and learn more about current events and general news updates. Using the WeedMeme.com dashboard allows you to read all of the worlds top publishers, with one-click access to over 200 unique Cannabis articles published daily from 25+ trusted content providers. WeedMeme.com works seamlessly across all smartphone, laptop, and tablet devices.

Cannabis legalization in Canada is the largest economic shift in our lifetime.

Philip Wilson, COO

The legalization of Marijuana in Canada is one of the largest economic transitions in our lifetime, the wide reaching impact of the industry will change the lives of virtually every citizen of Canada in one way or another. With that in mind, it’s important to have a central trusted place online to visit for your Cannabis industry updates.

WeedMeme.com publishes content from the following sources:

Google News, Bing News, The Cannabist, Cannabis Now, Marijuana.com, NORML.org, Leafly, Hemp.org, High Times, Mass Roots, Topix, Marijuana Policy Project, The Weed Blog, Lift Cannabis, Cannabis in Canada, Cannabis Digest, The Joint Blog, MJ Headline News, Canna Law Blog, The Daily Chronic, Sensi Seeds Blog, Weed TV, Huffington Post, Leaf Science, Pot.TV, and more.

The long term vision of WeedMeme.com is to connect Cannabis industry professionals in Canada with real-time and relevant industry content, and offer a place to post and apply for jobs, share and review Marijuana strains, upload and post your own community content, learn how to grow and cultivate your own Marijuana buds, and so much more. 

We are looking to the community of users to crowdsource ideas to evolve WeedMeme.com into a destination for everything Cannabis in Canada!

If you are interested in getting involved with WeedMeme.com or learning more about the Cannabis industry, contact Philip Wilson. We are accepting proposals from content publishers, investors, partners, writers, bloggers, and similar. 

Philip Wilson, COO
Vancouver, Canada