Website Offers Help to People Needing Intervention Services for Free

The website,, is offering free help for loved ones struggling to get their family into an addiction treatment program. 

The site claims to offer free intervention services to those that qualify.  Qualification being the ability to enter a residential recovery center after the intervention is complete. We asked the site about this stipulation, they responded with the following: " An intervention does no good if there is no plan of action for effective treatment of the addiction.  As interventions cost thousands of dollars, if we are providing that service free of charge, we want to ensure that we are setting up the client and their family for success."

The intervention process is not what you see on TV, according to the website.  It is a process that comes from a place of love and compassion for the addicted family member.  "We work with the family for at least 2 days prior to the intervention taking place to prepare them for what happens.  We arrange for treatment and give the family tools to help them if the clients denies treatment," said Marcus Hansen, founder of the website. 

Source: Interventionist.Rehab

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