Website Helps Buyers Obtain Absolute Lowest Price on New Vehicles

Website gives customers advantage when buying new vehicles by making dealerships compete. By process of elimination, the lowest out-the-door price is obtained.

Buying Key is a website that helps buyers obtain their absolute lowest out-the-door price when purchasing a new automobile.  Its results show that a little bit of time can achieve thousands of dollars in savings.

Most people dread the auto buying process.  A visit to an auto dealership lot often presents the customer with pressure to purchase quickly, to buy something other than what the customer actually wants with pricing that cannot be clearly understood.

The auto industry is big business as evidenced by the constant advertising of every dealership suggesting that they give the customer the best deal.  In reality, dealerships seek to maximize their profits on every sale at the customer’s expense.  Customers are challenged in determining where to buy for the best deal and keeping the dealership honest.

“New auto buyers not only dislike the buying experience but few resources are available to help them”, says Vaughn Hopson, Founder and CEO of Buying Key, “Many websites claim to help buyers but actually partner with dealerships and only focus on the selling price.  Buyers are shocked when their overall, out-the-door price is thousands above that selling price”.

Buying Key makes the argument that the selling price is meaningless since the out-the-door price is the amount that will be financed or paid in full.  When dealerships are forced to give an out-the-door price, there remains no more element of surprise.  The lower the out-the-door price, consequently, the lower the selling price.

Hopson continues, “Buying Key gives buyers leverage over dealerships putting them in control of the purchase process.  Without stepping foot on a dealership lot, our customers make dealerships compete to earn their business.  Once the lowest out-the-door price is obtained that no other dealership can surpass, our buyers know they got their best deal”.

Serving the USA and Canada, the website offers a do-it-yourself option that provides forms and instructions to carry out the process.  Or, customers can hire the organization to do the work for them.

About Buying Key, LLC

The mission of Buying Key is to help buyers with the new auto buying process,
make dealerships compete to earn their business and get them their best deal.

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