Website Builds Calculator Showing How Long It Will Take You to Afford Mahomes' KC Mansion - My Home vs Mahomes

Mahomes’ recent signing with adidas to create a personalized shoe in honor of his old high school got us thinking about the young athlete’s meteoric rise. Although it is not one hundred percent known what the twenty-five year old athlete’s net worth is, it is known how much he bought his Kansas City mansion for. With that in mind, World Sports Network (WSN), has created a calculator to find out how many years it would take the average earner to purchase his mansion on their own salary.

“We built the tool thinking it would be fun to see how long the average worker would have to save to afford a pro athlete’s house. For instance, assuming the average salary in the USA is sixty-five thousand dollars a year, and assuming that you have no other expenses, it would take you twenty-nine years to afford Mahomes’ KC mansion. That is nothing in comparison to Tiger Woods’ house, which would take the average worker eight hundred and thirty-one years to afford!” -Evan Henningsen, an Editor as WSN 

Also on the list of major athletes whose mega mansions one can compare against are Serena Williams, Floyd Mayweather, Tom Brady, LeBron James, and many more.

WSN prides itself on reporting on the sports, news, guides, picks, and tools that sports fans need in their daily lives as they interact with the teams and leagues they love the most. The Mahomes calculator is one of many fun tools provided by WSN.

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