weBoost Drive Sleek 470135 In-Vehicle Signal Booster Awarded RepeaterStore 'Top Pick' Award

Newly Launched Cradle Booster Redesigned From the Ground-Up to Improve Performance and User Experience, Earns RepeaterStore's Top Award

Drive Sleek with iPhone

weBoost today launched the latest version of their popular cradle signal boosters, the weBoost Drive Sleek 470135. The new device has been rewarded RepeaterStore's "Top Pick" award as the best signal booster for in-vehicle applications.

"The previous generation of the Sleek product, the weBoost Drive 4G-S, was one of our most popular in-vehicle booster kits," said Sina Khanifar, CEO of RSRF and RepeaterStore.com. "The new updated version redesigns the unit from the ground-up, improving the device's performance and ease-of-use. Granting the device our Top Pick award was a natural choice. It's clear that weBoost's team put a great amount of care into this new product: the design, installation, and user experience are best-in-class."

The Sleek product line has always been one of weBoost's most popular, with its patented cradle format considered a key differentiator in the crowded in-vehicle booster product category. The weBoost team redesigned the cradle and its internal antenna system from the ground-up for the Drive Sleek 470135 to maximize performance and increase convenience. RepeaterStore's team of signal experts were particularly impressed with the cradle's vertically-expanding design: The new form factor ensures that antennas anywhere in a modern smartphone receive amplified signal, resulting in considerably better performance than previous iterations in the Sleek line.

Other notable features include a redesigned, compact amplifier, and the addition of new fast-charging USB port to the 12V cigarette lighter adapter. In addition to powering the cradle, this new adapter allows fast-charging of Android and Apple devices.

A Canadian variant of the device, the weBoost Drive Sleek for Canada (470135F), has also been released. This device is similar to the U.S. variant in both design and performance but meets Industry Canada requirements for cell phone signal boosting devices.

RepeaterStore maintains a list of cell signal boosters that have received its "Top Pick" and "Recommended" awards in its Cell Phone Signal Booster Guide, which is updated monthly with reviews of the latest products. The guide is based on real-world and lab testing performed by the RepeaterStore team, and on feedback received from over 20,000 customers who have purchased signal boosters, repeaters and amplifiers from the company.

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