Webalo Announces Frontline Workforce Productivity Breakthrough With Launch of Webalo 5.0

Patented technology automates the digital transformation of frontline workers at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional approaches

Webalo Historian Connector

Webalo, Inc., the UX Platform for the Frontline Workforce™, announced today the launch of Webalo 5.0, the latest version of its transformative, no-code, frontline workforce app generation platform. Webalo 5.0 includes new features specifically designed to increase business productivity, improve operational efficiency, accelerate time to market and improve customer and workforce satisfaction.

“The drive for improved workforce productivity is a critical area of focus for industrial businesses in 2019,” said Chris Marsh, Research Director, Workforce Productivity and Compliance at 451 Research. “Webalo’s user experience platform allows companies to generate user-driven interactions within their enterprises, providing frontline workers with productivity apps that are automatically generated to support their specific roles and responsibilities. This aligns with the important trend of individual employees having at their disposal more personalized intelligence around their work.”

Webalo's User First™ approach automatically generates and personalizes apps from enterprise data sources, such those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP as well as industrial data sources such as AVEVA, GE, Rockwell and Siemens. Webalo enables frontline workers to simplify and improve their daily activities through real-time access to actionable analytics, alerts, and notifications, as well as desktop and native mobile bi-directional interaction through intelligently managed workflows, all of which combine to help them make better, more informed decisions and improve their business productivity.

“Though the overwhelming majority of companies understand that frontline worker autonomy would boost their competitiveness, less than 30% of companies have been able to launch frontline workforce digital transformation projects because of the time, cost and complexity of traditional software development approaches,” said Webalo CEO Peter Price. "Webalo 5.0 automates the digital transformation of the frontline workforce at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of these traditional approaches, providing frontline workers with real-time, actionable, personalized visibility into their daily tasks and activities.”

Webalo 5.0 extends Webalo’s leadership in the industrial market, with specific features designed to support frontline workers in energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation and other industrial segments, including:

-        Tighter integration with industrial data sources such as Historian databases and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

-        Powerful “Connect & Deploy”-- a no-code app delivery capability that provides end users with the ability to easily generate new applications in an ad hoc, drag and drop manner, directly from their Webalo Desktop Client. 

-        Actionable visualizations are now defined at the individual user level, providing frontline workers with the flexibility to create their own custom views of apps and share them with their co-workers.

-        Enhanced workflow management empowers frontline workers in a more intelligent way, with multiple visualizations of the same task using different parameters.

-        Automatically-generated tasks and actionable visualizations to operate over MES asset hierarchies and Historian tags that make the data more actionable and visible to all stakeholders. 

-        Contextualized dashboards that provide embedded asset hierarchy, selectable timeframes, and custom user inputs. 

-        User-managed editors to create and modify trend charts, with out-of-the-box Historian services, allowing frontline workers to modify the way they request and display Historian tag values by selecting a Historian sampling mode from a drop-down menu, and then configuring the options that appear for that node.

-        PDF report generation, providing a new way of sharing data interactively with co-workers.

Webalo 5.0 is now available. Visit www.webalo.com for more information.

About Webalo

Webalo, the UX Platform for the Frontline Workforce™, provides the app generation infrastructure for the digital transformation of frontline workers. Webalo's patented technology enables companies to become User First™ organizations, easily transforming their existing enterprise and industrial applications into real-time, actionable, task-oriented, persona-based applications, where each user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done. Webalo is enterprise-grade, built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of workers, helping them to make better, more informed decisions and to make their businesses more productive. For more information, please visit www.webalo.com.

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