Web Search is 30 Years Old, This AI-Powered App Could Be What People Use Next

Autocompare - Our bots read everything to help you compare anything

​Autocompare, an AI-powered progressive web app, has entered its public beta phase. The Internet has reached a point where there’s too much information to be read, and the app’s makers believe the technology finally exists to teach machines how to make sense of that data for us. Autocompare automates comparative analysis, allowing information seekers to instantly compare one thing to another across various topics like food, movies, services, sports and more. According to eMarketer, 75% of U.S consumers conduct comparative web searches to help make purchasing decisions and typically spend up to 25 minutes reading through multiple web pages. Autocompare cuts this time down to seconds by utilizing bots that gather and read information for you. 

With a couple of quick inputs, health-conscious users can autocompare one food to another to determine which is the more nutritious option. A person in the market for the best streaming service could instantly compare Netflix to Hulu or Disney Plus to Amazon Prime Video and quickly weigh the pros, cons and cost of each. The app generates concise contextual reports, featuring graphs and tables that are very easy to understand. 

Autocompare is the brainchild of Kaza Razat and Khalid Mills, two passionate entrepreneurs interested in creating technology that empowers people as opposed to monetizing them. The inspiration for the app came from their frustrations with wasting time reading through irrelevant or outdated search results. When they realized no one else was addressing the problem, they decided to solve it themselves. 

Mills and Razat, both employees at FAANG tech giants, have recruited a small team of part-time collaborators that share their vision to give people better information faster, privately and without tracking. “Web search doesn’t deliver answers, it delivers web pages. Sometimes you just don’t have time to read through the 10 blue links,” says Mills. Google, the market leader in web search has recently documented the decline in both desktop and mobile web search.

So far almost half a million unique reports can be generated from thousands of subjects per topic. The most popular comparisons, like LeBron James to Michael Jordan or Popeyes to Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, are presented as buttons in the topic’s trending section. “Search finds typically old content that someone created while Autocompare generates new and contextual content on-demand using up-to-date, trusted data sources. It’s a new tool for our 21st-century information needs,” says Razat. The team is constantly adding additional data sources while developing audience-requested topics like video games and music.

The app is available at https://autocompare.app from any device with a web browser and is currently free to use. There are plans to allow subscriptions in the future so that users can generate smarter, personalized reports using premium data sources. Autocompare was first introduced to a small audience on Product Hunt, the popular website that showcases new software products and services.

Source: Autocompare, Inc


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