Web Design Firm Adds E-Commerce Solutions to All Websites, Empowering New Sales Channels for Local Small Business

Salt Creative

Salt Creative, a Boise web design services company, adds e-commerce solutions to all websites, empowering new sales channels for local small business.

The new launch includes an extensive e-commerce solution offered to help empower local business owners to embrace selling products and services online.

This new product launch is a benefit to the business community by taking business online. The product is an all-in-one e-commerce solution offered at an affordable price point.

Salt Creative has launched the e-commerce product on every website Salt Creative launches during this transition to online sales. "We are offering low-cost options for those businesses desiring to establish a more effective online presence," said Salt Creative owner, Kaaren Provence. "This product also benefits the customer with greater freedom and flexibility, along with the convenience to self-manage products and choose flexible options for local delivery."

Studies following mid-April 2020 reflect trends in consumer behavior that continue to migrate to online retail options. Data also points to all-in-one e-commerce solutions to be particularly beneficial to smaller businesses. (ECommerce Resources, 2020). Most businesses also find better targeting and selling methods such as: synthesizing customer information, back-end analytics and analyzing buying activities that help to support loyalty and service (Digital Marketing E-Commerce, 2020). Some reasons business owners benefit are obvious, such as back-end-support and automation of service with chat-bots and integrated tools, along with personalized options for selecting preferred shipping or abandoned cart notifications.

Salt Creative's Kaaren Provence said, "Some of the benefits of all-in-one e-commerce solutions are a more streamlined supply chain, along with order management, and fulfillment systems. Organization and tracking of marketing emails or other analytics, such as sales tracking, are also much easier to manage. The e-commerce set up is handled for them, and ongoing management is also made much more user friendly. These streamlined benefits prevent bogging down already busy business owners and workers, helping them easily stay on top of things." Those businesses having to navigate challenging times with fewer employees will benefit from the streamlined features.

In addition to a more streamlined sales and service process, Salt Creative's e-commerce platform is responsive, allowing easy navigation from phones. Having a simple ordering process straight from phones is vital with 72% of consumers using mobile devices to shop (Remote Payments Study, PYMNTS' 2020). Along with benefits from streamlining processes and mobile-optimization, a unique search engine optimization strategy (SEO) also helps businesses gain more potential customers by helping grow audiences with curated, sharable content that builds site traffic over time. 

Other important product features include popular payment gateways including Square, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net SIM and Checkout, are just some of the 30 payment gateway options available.

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Salt Creative is a full-service creative agency, specializing in web design, marketing, SEO and graphic design services for businesses of all types and sizes.


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