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2017 was an extraordinary year for anyone who had money invested in the U.S. Stock Market. Both mutual funds and 401K’s increased in value dramatically. As 2018 is now here, many retail investors are confused about what stocks they should own in 2018. “The rules for choosing good stocks in 2018, are the same as they have been for the last five years,” says Tyrone Jackson, creator of the WeaIthy Investor program and WITradeSchool.com.

Jackson, a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows has built his reputation online by simplifying the stock market for the average investor. Jackson also adds, “Trying to make a million dollars in less than 52 weeks, is not a smart way to grow wealth. Choosing stocks that are upward trending, with strong fundamentals, can quickly increase the value of a portfolio.”

Always Balance a Portfolio

Most experts agree that it is best to own a combination of Dow stocks for stability, alongside S&P 500 components for explosive growth. This orchestrated mixture of Dow and S&P has been a winning formula, but yet remains unused by most investors.

Tyrone Jackson’s new free online video series is designed to teach the average investor how to create a balanced portfolio in today’s market. Jackson’s new video series, which also features his top stock picks for 2018, can be viewed at https://thewealthyinvestor.net/hotstocks2018.

When looking to create financial freedom in the stock market in 2018, remember that a balanced approach to investing can yield tremendous results.

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