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We offer a new creativity for a new world. Fueled by excellence in multiple marketing disciplines and built on physical experiences and emotional connections, we design, plan and execute events, campaigns, and shareable experiences with a three-dimensional approach.

2016 has been an incredibly exciting time for the firm as our team has grown substantially necessitating a move to redesigned, 5600-square foot offices in NYC’s Flower District and a team over 20 people that will most probably be doubled this year. Such additional creative and physical capacity enables Gradient to continue providing the same excellent design, marketing and account management services that we have been known for since 2010.

Anthony Coppers, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, is known for pushing detailed creative execution and forward-thinking experiential strategies explains: “Why ‘Gradient?’ There is a gradient in everything we do: from the diverse culture of our team to the types of clients with which we work. From conception to execution and the creative gradient in between, we design experiences that deliver emotionally connective responses and proven results.’’

Colin McKenzie, Partner and Head of Client Accounts, adds: in 2017 we will be focusing on our digital approach by using brand technology such as bots to create even more unforgettable experiences. With this futuristic approach we have energized exciting collaborations with new clients.

Whether it’s physical or digital, built or imagined, connections count. As technology becomes ever more integrated into our lives, brands need the type of amplification that engages consumers on an emotional level. Websites, systematic design, complex applications, and integrated digital campaigns - we work with the best to build digital platforms and then we amplify your message around the world.

Gradient does it all, we offer services in a wide variety of disciplines, and in the process we create unforgettable experiences for the world's most recognizable brands within the Fashion, Luxury, Automotive, Entertainment and Beverage industries.

Gradient has a comprehensive network of international clients across many industries such as Tiffany & Co, Variety Magazine, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Basil Haydens, Louis XIII cognac, Diptyque fragrances and candles, ZTE telecommunications, and Suntory Toki. Gradient recently created an unforgettable experience celebrating the official opening of the new Beekman Hotel in Downtown Manhattan, having had previous experience with this iconic landmark building as the backdrop for the fresh and exciting launch of the Martin Margiela special limited-edition collection for H&M.

Business doesn’t just come down to what you sell or what you do – it’s a larger conversation about how what you create and what you stand for adds value to people’s lives. Gradient lives out that guiding principle when we create experiences that make lasting impressions.



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About Gradient

From concept to execution and the gradient between, we elevate experiences by leveraging our combined expertise to develop a three-dimensional strategy that never falls flat. We are GRADIENT - an experiential marketing agency located in NYC.

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