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Endoscopy equipment

​​​Endoscopy equipment is a delicate and crucial category of lifesaving medical and surgical devices. A fragile invention, endoscopes can easily be damaged through routine wear and tear, misuse or accidental mishandling. Even the slightest damage can affect how a scope functions and performs, and a damaged scope will do no good for either the patient or the attending medical professionals.

What’s An Endoscope?

The humble medical endoscope is an instrument that can be introduced into the body to give a surgeon a view of its internal parts, like organs, muscles and bones. Endoscopes were invented over 120 years ago in Scotland and have been a vital part of healthcare ever since. Surgeries involving scopes are often known as minimally invasive procedures, as small incisions in the skin allow for scopes to be easily inserted inside of body cavities without having to cut a patient open from head to toe. Endoscopes have fiber-optic cameras attached to the tips of them, allowing for an up-close and personal glimpse into wherever they are placed. There is also a wide range of endoscope parts, including and not limited to:

  • Cleaning brushes
  • Mouthpieces
  • Biopsy valves
  • Suction tubes
  • Polyp traps
  • Distal attachments
  • And countless more

Save Big With WeBuyEndoscopes

WeBuyEndoscopes is the internet’s premier medical equipment repair center, as well as a buyer and seller of new and used scopes. Offering everything from rigid and flexible endoscopes to bronchoscopes and more, everything a private practice or medical office needs can be found at WeBuyEndoscopes.

New scopes can cost upwards of 10 thousand dollars, with a more expensive apparatus exceeding over 30 or even 40 thousand dollars. When equipment costs that much, worrying about keeping the electricity on can become a very real possibility. That’s why surgical instrument repair is here to save the day. 

Upon receiving a damaged scope, WeBuyEndoscopes immediately sterilizes it and runs diagnostic tests to determine any faults and to ascertain the level of function. After the diagnostic team has uncovered these results, the scope is completely disassembled and faulty parts are removed before being replaced with manufacturer-standard parts. More tests are then run to ensure that the scope is functioning just as well as a brand new, box-fresh product.

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There’s a reason why WeBuyEndoscopes is the number one source for buying, selling, and repairing new and used equipment, so browse the vast inventory or get in touch today for a free quote.

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