‘We All Might Be Witches’ Supports Youth With Autism, Neurodivergence, Disabilities

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s illustrated collection of micropoems inspired by son celebrates “the magic in everyone and everything.”

'We All Might Be Witches'

ATW - All Things Writing, LLC, today announced that award-winning poet and author Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt has had her 12th book, We All Might Be Witches, an illustrated collection of micropoems, released by MacKenzie Publishing. Gotthardt, inspired by her son, wrote the book to honor those with autism spectrum disorder and conditions considered cognitive or emotional disabilities. 

“The word ‘disability’ attached to how someone’s brain works can hold negative weight,” said Gotthardt, who has a background in education. “There’s still so much stigma – in some schools, in the workplace, in the world. But if you look at the mind more objectively, you can see the vast diversity in the way people perceive and process. As a species, we are neurodiverse. That’s something to celebrate, not stigmatize.”

Gotthardt cited her adult son. “He is neurodivergent, has ASD and other conditions. He holds notable perspectives and is highly inquisitive. He delves into philosophy, science and art. He’s creative and deep. And that makes me more open and creative.” 

When asked about the book’s title, Gotthardt said Wiccan culture, earth magic and “white witchery” have fascinated her son for the past few years. “His talk of good magic made me reconsider the ordinary and the extraordinary. I found myself thinking about the magic in him, the magic in everyone and everything. Writing these short pieces while working with simple images was a transformative journey that made me more grateful for everyday mysteries too often overlooked.”

Gotthardt is donating 100% of the book’s proceeds to nonprofits serving those with ASD and cognitive or emotional disabilities. 

“I cannot say thank you enough to the schools and organizations who helped my son succeed. I hope rallying readers, writers and the community around the cause helps everyone recognize the magic neurodivergent individuals bring to the world.”

For more information, visit www.WeAllMightBeWitches.com

Source: ATW - All Things Writing, LLC

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