Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons Keynote Speaker at Inaugural Post-Mormon Conference


With over 1,000 registered to attend on November 17th, 2019, Salt Lake City is poised to convene the largest gathering of Post-Mormons in history. Keynoted by lead guitarist Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons, THRIVEDAY 2019 is focused on creating communities of healing and growth for Mormons who have left their faith.

“This conference is 100% about healing, growth, and community for post-Mormons, and 0% about criticizing or tearing down the Mormon Church,” says Mormon Stories Podcast host Dr. John Dehlin. “One of the biggest challenges people face when leaving orthodox religion is finding friendships, community, and resources for support in rebuilding a post-religious life.”

THRIVEDAY Speakers include:

Admission is $15. Registration link can be found at ThriveBeyondMormonism.com.

​Contact: John Dehlin, Ph.D.
Phone: 435-881-5809

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