Wave Hands Like Clouds

As the name implies, two arms turn around and circle up and down, left and right as the waist turns, like both clouds winding around and flying into the sky.

Detailed Explanation
Take the left side as an example.
Lower limbs: Move the left foot leftward with tiptoes landing first: transfer weight leftward, take the right foot back to the inside of the left foot, and bend knees to a half squat.
Upper limbs: Circle both palms leftward, with the left one across the face and the right one across the abdomen, both of them facing inward ; while transferring weight leftward and taking the right foot back to near the left one, turn two palms gradually at the left of the body, with the left one facing outward, the right one towards the inside of the left elbow, facing inward , eyes looking at the left palm.

Key Point
Keep the head uplifted, the waist upright, the shoulders sunk, the elbows down, the waist relaxed and buttocks down, with feet standing distinctively emptily and firmly; circle arms and palms with waist as pivot and the upper and lower parts of the body moving in harmony.

Step Backward and Stand on One leg to Hit the Tiger

This form is typical of the Wu-style Tai Chi Boxing. It is so named because two fists are uplifted as done to hit a tiger. When performed with one leg standing, the posture is termed Du Li Da Hu, a Wu-style movement.

Detaited Explanation
Lower limbs: Stand firm with the left leg bent slightty, curve and lift the right leg; take the right foot to the front of the crotch, with tiptoes perking and buckled inward.
Upper limbs: Slowly close hands, raise the left frst from the body side, and move the right fist to the left chest; lift the left fist left forward before the forehead with the palm side of fist facing outward and the eye of fist obliquely downward, and move the right fist before the left chest with palm side of fist facing inward and the eye of fist facing upward.

Key Point
Take a step back, transfer weight rightward steadily, and turn the waist to circle the arm and roll back; bend and part two arms in harmony with the left leg curving and uplifting and the tiptoes hooking up.


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