Watermemory Union Between Water And Area

Watermemory is not a holistic representation, but the invitation to reflection on the water belongs to us, as part of our BIOS from the origins of our species.

Watermememory 2.0 can be considered an evolution of previous representations, at the Casa delle Culture in Rome and in Naples at the Artgarage (Pozzuoli).

The project stems from the idea of ​​the author to stage the aquatic nature and the liquid memory still present in humans still present in humans, despite millennia of evolution of species.

The project "watermemory" was born as a result of collaboration with Sonia Di Gennaro, which together with the author, Raffaele De Martino, has carried out research work on slow motion, and with Giovanni Floreani that presents a coexistence of technology and tradition, bagpipes and electronic sounds played live.

This makes watermemory a creature never equal to itself.

Watermemory achieves a state of quiet acceptance in a large belly made of timeless light, sound and movement.

A return to the substance water, original environment for human life.

The liquid essence is seen as important, both for the species which for the individual since he developed his little existence of fetal amnion, since when it returns to itself through contact with sea water and its depth.

Watermemory the performance will be at Udine at Museo di Etnografia, December 16 at 17.30 and will see the participation of Paolo Tofani, guitarist of Area, the historic Italian progressive group, with his guitar and electronic instrumentation produces tonal sounds with unprecedented listening.

The performance is free admission, has a duration of 40 minutes and will be accompanied by photographic exhibition "watermemory 2.0" and the showing of the video of the backstage.

It will also be preceded by a tasting of various types of water sources of Friuli.

Original title: watermemory 2.0, author: Raffaele De Martino, music: Giovanni, Floreani e Paolo Tofani, production: Studio ZUD and Fûrclap, art direction: ZUD Studio, duration: 40 minutes, cast: Sonia Di Gennaro, Giovanni Floreani, Paolo Tofani, director: Raffaele De Martino

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