Watch Out for CryptoBucks in 2022, Their Next Update Will Immediately Gain the Upper Hand on Top Crypto Exchanges

The newest cryptocurrency exchange that could be the next big name in crypto in 2022.


CryptoBucks has announced the completion of phase 1 of their cryptocurrency exchange. This will be added to the payment processor's existing array of products and services. The CryptoBucks exchange can be utilized to easily buy, sell, and trade the top cryptocurrencies while having access to more liquidity. 

The exchange will be officially launched at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference being held April 6-9, 2022, in Miami, Florida. The team will be hosting booth space during the event where the attendees can explore and try out the new platform, while learning more about CryptoBucks' mission.

The CryptoBucks exchange has a simple interface that simplifies the process of buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrency. Purchasing crypto with debit cards, liquidating crypto holdings, swapping popular alt-coins, storing cryptocurrency in a secure digital wallet, and streaming crypto prices in real time are key features of the exchange that will be available at the launch.  

"To say we're excited about the launch of our cryptocurrency exchange is an understatement. Our goal is to provide a platform where users can acquire cryptocurrencies safely, securely, and with ease," said Eric Brown, CEO of CryptoBucks. "We continue to look forward to the future of finance and the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. By bridging the gap between traditional infrastructures and blockchain technology, our efforts will make CryptoBucks a household name."

The launch of the CryptoBucks exchange will provide more accessibility to cryptocurrency and digital assets through their new platform. For more information on the beta app of the CryptoBucks Exchange please visit the CryptoBucks website.

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Who is CryptoBucks?

CryptoBucks is a global financial technology company that is building an accessible, efficient, and transparent network that bridges traditional financial products with blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. CryptoBucks, based in Miami, Florida, empowers their users with the tools to advance the emerging digital marketplace. CryptoBucks' constant focus on innovation is the spark needed for the rapid growth of digital commerce to reshape the future of finance.

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