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Today will be the final of the 2011 NCAA March Madness tournament.

Today will be the final of the 2011 NCAA March Madness tournament. It has been one filled with upsets, perhaps bigger upsets than ever before. It is only fitting that the Finals have a very unlikely matchup when we see UCONN vs Butler. If this was February, nobody would have believed that we would see Butler or UCONN in the finals. They both had average records and were on their way to a disappointing season. Both of these teams however were able to put together incredible winning streaks towards the end of the college basketball season, now here we are, the final game and 8th ranked Butler faces 3rd ranked UCONN.

This game will be an incredible one to watch. UCONN and Kemba Walker always provide exciting games, and their coaching staff always comes up with exciting new strategies that seem to give their team an advantage before they even step onto the court. Butler is definitely the underdog in this game. If you ask Butler coach Brad Stevens, he would have it no other way. He seems to enjoy the underdog role and embraces it. Nothing seems to go according to plan in this years NCAA Basketball tournament, and college BBall fans are enjoying it. The fact that UCONN is facing Butler ads the possibility of one more stunning upset. Can Butler pull it off? Or will the big bad Huskies take down Butler and close another successful chapter in UCONN history.

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So enjoy this big game between two unlikely teams, and see who will be the NCAA champions of 2011.

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