Washington State, CMS Approve Five-Year Extension of CNSI Contract

The Washington State Health Care Authority has extended its ProviderOne Medicaid Management Information Systems contract with CNSI through June 2026.

CNSI Contract Extension with Washington State

CNSI, a leading Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) provider with extensive experience delivering innovative healthcare technology and management solutions, announced today that the Washington State Health Care Authority has extended its ProviderOne MMIS contract with the company through June 2026.

The Washington State Health Care Authority signed the five-year extension to continue its partnership with CNSI and the ProviderOne system, a modular and scalable system that supports the state's payment of providers on behalf of Medicaid beneficiaries.

CNSI developed the Washington State Health Care Authority's modular ProviderOne Medicaid system to be a strategic and scalable asset. The system's capability has expanded over the years to encompass claims for care provided in multiple settings, including medical, long-term care, behavioral health, foster care, state corrections, and social services. During 2020, the ProviderOne system's configurability and flexibility allowed the state to respond swiftly to meet new requirements and rule changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Washington State Health Care Authority is a national leader in supporting modular systems and innovation. Modularity, a concept promoted by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), helps states avoid large-scale systems implementations, and their inherent risk, in favor of smaller, more manageable implementations of discrete modules.

As part of its partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority, CNSI has developed innovative solutions that advance interoperability, data sharing, and public cloud-hosted services. In 2018, CNSI successfully migrated the ProviderOne system to the secure AWS public cloud, the first MMIS in the country to migrate to a secure public cloud.   

"Earning this five-year extension from the Washington State Health Care Authority is great recognition of the caliber of our work and our successful partnership over the past 10 years. Importantly, it speaks to our desire to be recognized by our clients as a true trusted partner," said CNSI CEO Todd Stottlemyer. "We look forward to continuing to support the Washington State Health Care Authority and all Washingtonians as we work together to leverage emerging solutions to better align human services and help address the broad range of health equity issues."

Cathie Ott, Washington State Health Care Authority's IT Strategic Advisor, said, "This new agreement lays the groundwork to accomplish the Washington State Health Care Authority's priorities for enhanced modularity and increased interoperability that gives patients access to their health information and improves outcomes across the healthcare community."


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Source: CNSI

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