Wall Township Building Biology and Environmental Construction Firm Helps Businesses Get Back on Their Feet

GreenWorks Helps Businesses in New Jersey Amidst COVID19

GreenWorks, a family-owned environmental investigation, construction and decontamination company, is lending a much-needed hand to first responders and local businesses as the world slowly reopen.

One of the most widespread and commonly-missed problems involved indoor air quality and environmental threats, which festered as buildings stood empty.  

"One of the biggest things we've been seeing in facilities that had shut down is when they come back and reopen, they're getting hit with a tremendous amount of issues," said Victor Coppola, Owner of GreenWorks. "One of the most noticeable ones is mold. They had shut off their heating and AC to save money, and mold has moved in like nobody's business."

GreenWorks has graciously reached out to a number of local businesses and facilities in need, including Granny's Grill, S. Wall Firehouse, Howell Ems, Shark River EMS, Stumpy's Hatchet House, and Kur Wellness Studio to provide a pro bono SteraMist treatment.  

"We've got all this equipment, and it's not doing anyone any good just sitting here. We might as well use it to help businesses who need it most," said Coppola.

SteraMist is an ionized hydrogen peroxide spray that treats surfaces and entire room environments. The fast-acting treatment uses no toxic byproducts and makes a room completely safe to re-enter within minutes. In addition to the treatment itself, GreenWorks is providing a shielding agent to maintain cleanliness for 30 days.

"We recently had the SteraMist treatment at Stumpy's Hatchet House. The team from GreenWorks was extremely professional, from the confirmation call to the thorough treatment in our venue," said Kelly Josberger, Co-Owner of Stumpy's Hatchet House. "We appreciate Brendan taking the time to explain and educate us on the process. Our customers appreciate that we are doing all that we can to keep them safe, and SteraMist was one more way to prepare our venue. We highly recommend Greenworks LLC!"

GreenWorks' goal is to provide both owners, employees, and customers with peace of mind that they are entering a safe establishment as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted.

"Our goal here isn't just to provide a quick fix to the community. We want to educate people on how they can better protect their businesses and customers," said Coppola. "There's so much misinformation about this stuff, and with so many businesses struggling out there, it would be a sin to not step in and guide people in the right direction. They can even incorporate these new cleanliness standards into their business model."

GreenWorks is built on a strong scientific foundation with a microscopic understanding of the process. All cleaning products used by GreenWorks are List N, EPA-certified, and approved by the FDA.

For more information about SteraMist or other decontamination services, visit GreenWorks LLC at www.greenworksllc.com/ or email Victor directly at vjcoppola@greenworksllc.com.

Source: GreenWorks

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