#WalkAway Campaign Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Epic #Walk-A-Con Weekend in West Palm Beach

Lara Trump to Headline #Walk-a-Con Nov 10-12th 2023 hosted by Brandon Straka #WalkAway Campaign Founder

Walk Away Anniversary Event #Walk-A-Con event line up

Stan Fitzgerald, president of Veterans for Trump, has partnered with Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Campaign Founder, to promote the WalkAway Campaign's 5th anniversary event.  

The #WalkAway Campaign, a grassroots movement dedicated to individuals walking away from the Democratic Party, is gearing up to celebrate its 5th anniversary with an unforgettable #Walk-A-Con Weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida, from November 10th to 12th.

This landmark event promises to be a gathering like no other, with an impressive lineup of speakers, new faces joining the conservative movement, and a series of engaging events over three action-packed days.

The list of distinguished speakers at #Walk-A-Con includes prominent figures such as Lara Trump, Brandon Straka, Kari Lake, Matt Schlapp, Tudor Dixon, Mesha Mainor, Shemeka Michelle, David Harris Jr., Mike Harlow, Gina Loudon, Derrick Evans, and many more. These speakers will share their insights and experiences on the movement and its importance in our culture. The weekend will also feature real stories from people offering a diverse perspective on why they chose to walk away from the Democratic Party.

#Walk-A-Con Weekend is set to feature six remarkable events, ensuring attendees have an unforgettable experience:

•VIP Cocktail Reception:

The festivities kick off with a VIP cocktail reception where attendees can mingle with the speakers and like-minded individuals.

•Friday Night Stage Program:

Friday night promises an inspiring program featuring the renowned speakers, setting the stage for an engaging weekend.

•Outdoor Patriot Rally:

On Saturday afternoon, a patriotic rally will invigorate attendees, celebrating their shared values and commitment to conservative ideals.

•Saturday Night Comedy Roast:

Laughter takes the spotlight on Saturday night with a comedy roast event, adding a dose of humor to the weekend.

•Sunday Brunch with Kari Lake:

The weekend culminates with a Sunday brunch where attendees can engage in meaningful conversations with Kari Lake.

•"The True Stories of January 6th" Panel Event:

In a thought-provoking panel event, individuals touched by the events of January 6th will share their personal stories and perspectives.

#Walk-A-Con Weekend promises to introduce new faces to the conservative movement, with speakers selected from viral #WalkAway videos sharing their compelling stories of leaving the left. This unique approach ensures a diverse range of voices is heard, highlighting the campaign's commitment to inclusivity.

For those interested in participating in this historic celebration of the #WalkAway Campaign's 5th anniversary, more information and registration details can be found on the official #Walk-A-Con website at [www.walkawayanniversary.com] (https://www.walkawayanniversary.com).

As the #WalkAway Campaign marks this significant milestone, the movement continues to grow, fostering unity and encouraging individuals to share their stories of political transformation. The #Walk-A-Con Weekend in West Palm Beach promises to be a fitting tribute to this five-year journey of change and empowerment.

Source: Veterans for Trump

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Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First (VFAF) was founded in 2015 as a grassroots movement supporting Donald J. Trump for the 45th president of the United States. Admiral Chuck Kubic is credited by Steven Bannon and Corey R. Lewandowski as being the original leader of the movement. General Flynn also played a role but did not stay with the organization. Admiral Kubic currently serves as National Spokesman of VFAF. The organizational co-founders Joshua Macias and Vladimir Lemets created the VFAF Organization and focused on veterans’ issues while promoting a secure border. In 2020 Stan Fitzgerald took over the political direction of the organization focusing on the America First agenda and was named president in January 2023. The organization was invited to Mar-A-Lago for Donald J Trump’s announcement to campaign for the 47th president of the United States. President Trump shared the organizations 2024 presidential endorsement on his Truth Social platform. Veterans for Trump serves as part of the Trump 2024 campaign coalition team.

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