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Featuring the latest news from over 160 Black and culturally relevant publications in the USA, Africa, the Caribbean and Great Britain. Wakanda News is fully searchable, categorized, indexed and cross-referenced with our proprietary AI-aware Timbuktu™ Content Management Engine to present content most relevant to you. 'Creating the Future of Black History' with Daily and Historical Content, powered by our own technology platform from Blackfacts.com.

BlackFacts.com, the internet’s first and longest-running data-driven website on the historical and cultural contributions of people of color, has rolled out Wakanda News - delivering curated “Black” news from around the globe to the internet community.

(‘Wakanda News’ is named after the fictional nation of Wakanda, which was able to protect and preserve their culture through their control and mastery of advanced technology. This is the spirit and the reality that drives all of our products but in the real world.)

CHECK IT OUT: www.blackfacts.com/news

BlackFacts.com believes in the power of telling our stories from our perspective. In today's partisan political environment, it is important to focus on what is important to us. It is with this goal in mind that BlackFacts.com began cataloging news stories that we felt were important to our audience.

Utilizing our proprietary AI-aware Timbuktu™ Content Management Engine, originally designed to link historical content, BlackFacts is cross-referencing that news, confirming the source and indexing it with other content in our environment. Finally, we categorized it to make sure that the news is accessible and searchable by region with an initial focus on news from the USA, Africa, the UK and the Caribbean; expect to see this expand beyond those areas once more content sources are reviewed and approved.

Anyone interested in “Black News” - not just from America but from around the globe - is invited to checkout Wakanda News at www.blackfacts.com/news.

Because Black Facts Matter!

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Blackfacts.com was founded by Ken Granderson (MIT, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity) and Dale Dowdie (Boston University, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity) in 1997 as a way to showcase that people of color could take advantage of the technology revolution and build something that they own and control. It was developed with the tenets of Inform, Engage & Inspire – these are our goals for the visitors, contributors, sponsors and historians that enjoy the information provided on the site. BlackFacts.com is a service of Intellitech Consulting Enterprises Inc. www.intellitech.net.

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