Wager With Your Money in Cricket Betting Safely With Astrology and Numerology Tips

Maulik Bhatt is a one of the leading stock market and cricket betting tips provider in India. MB do not just predict by only past statistics but add fragrance knowledge of vedic astrology and cosmic energy acquired by Shree Maulik Bhatt.

As per a recent announcement made by Maulik Bhatt, now people will be able to get cricket betting tips that can be utilized for betting purposes. This new announcement was made very recently, and for a limited amount of time he will offer betting tips that would not cost even a single dime! Since cricket betting is getting popular in India with the advancement of the internet, therefore more and more people are getting involved in this kind of activity. Although it is not considered legal in many sense, but that is not stopping people from investing their money on cricket betting.

The announcement regarding free betting tips was made with the intention to bring in the utilization of numerology and astrology skills in predicting the results. Some people do get sceptical when they come to know about such services. But, by looking at the level of faith that people in India have on astrology and numerology, it is expected that bettors would think about trying out such services for once at least. As of now, he has given his predictions for over thousand matches, which mainly includes cricket and football.

For many years Maulik Bhatt has been predicting the outcomes of many sports, including football and cricket. Lately, his ability to make predictions about the result of any match, and even about the performances of individual players, is being used as betting tips by many of his followers. Since astrology and numerology are widely followed in India, therefore the market of such experts is definitely on the rise these days.

As stated by Mr. Bhatt, “Concepts like Numerology and Astrology are related to the ancient era of India, and they have always played a major role in predicting the outcomes of war, marriages, and collaborations between two empires. The alignment of planets does play a crucial role in figuring out how a player would perform in the match. In fact, I also take into account the astrological conditions of the managers when it comes to making predictions. So, here I follow a very methodological approach, and not just some hunch based predictions.”

Taking cricket betting tips from such experts do come at a risk, because the predictions are not going to be accurate always. However, in many parts of India, people have huge faith on astrology, numerology, and other such systems. Moreover, these betting tips are aimed at increasing the possibility of winning the bet, and not providing a complete assurance. Considering the amount of money involved in cricket betting, it would be interesting to see how people react to such services.

When asked about will people make use of such tips and predictions when putting their money at risk, Maulik Bhatt said, “India is a land where zero was found, and many great mathematicians were born in this country. Astrology and numerology depend heavily on mathematic. So, the predictions I make are not any kind of superstition or false claims.” In the days to come, it would be quite interesting to see how the new form of cricket betting tips would help the bettors, and what would be the impact of the same. 

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Maulik Bhatt is a one of the leading cricket betting tips provider in India. We do not just predict by only past statistics but we add fragrance knowledge of vedic astrology and cosmic energy acquired by Shree Maulik Bhatt.

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