Wade Nodine Helps Bartlett High School Make It to the State Championship in Alaska

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Wade Nodine is a senior from Bartlett High School. Wade is known as “Dribble” by his peers, owing to his tremendous ability to dribble past people on the soccer field. Soccer is his passion, and Wade is often lauded for his discipline and all-around good character both off and on the field. All he needs to do is captain his soccer team all the way through to the State Championships. He was one step away from it now.

They were up in the final game against West Anchorage High School, which was renowned for recruiting the best high school soccer talents from around the state and consequently sending them to Division 1 colleges. West Anchorage High School not only had better players but also better coaches, facilities, the whole nine yards. It was truly a David and Goliath encounter.

As the teams walked out to the ground, Bartlett High School players seem completely undaunted and unfazed by the mammoth occasion and task at hand. They have belief, desire, and determination that’s been fueled in their souls by Wade’s leadership. They have a very clear approach to this game, effectively using a counter attacking strategy. That enables them to be disciplined and keep a compact shape so they can defend well without having to give too much space to the artistry and flair of the West Anchorage High School players. It’s essentially a tactic to invite the opposition to attack them, thereby hoping to draw the opposition players out of position in the lure of creating space and scoring. In turn, whenever the opposition’s spaces have opened up, Bartlett High School can attack quickly and directly leading to chances to score.

The first half goes by without much excitement, as the Bartlett High School players do their job well. Marshalled by Wade who keeps instructing his teammates where to go and which areas to block, they manage to keep the highly skilled and talented attackers of West Anchorage High School at bay for most of the half. They have neutralized the threat of the better, more talented opposition team.

The referee blows the whistle for halftime, and both teams head back to their locker rooms for a 15-minute interval. Wade is once again at it, encouraging his teammates and cheering them on. “Great half,” he says. “We really frustrated them out there — they couldn’t break down our defense.” The entire room has a good vibe around it; everyone seems hopeful and positive.

After the 15 minutes are up, both sides walk out on back to the field. The referee blows his whistle and the second half goes underway. It’s more of the same. It’s almost like an attack vs defense game. It increasingly seems as if the Bartlett High School strategy while defending is to just kick the ball anywhere away from their own goal, recuperate, and then do it all again. Fortunately for Wade, it seems to all be working alright.

The match approaches towards the end of regulation time, and extra time beckons if the scores stay the same. Penalties shall follow if the score remains level even after extra time. This has been Bartlett's plan all along. Take it to penalties, and hope for the best. Frustration and confidence are two contrasting yet hugely significant mental traits that affect games when the legs get heavy and tired. It’s the 88th minute, and as has been for the entirety of the match, it’s ruthless attacking from West Anchorage High School.

The opposition’s best player and forward, Jeff, beats two players and makes inroads towards Wade and the Bartlett High School goal. However, Wade cleverly intercepts the ball from Jeff and quickly dribbles past 3 opposition players. He looks up and spots a run by one of the forwards on his team. Wade ever so effortlessly delivers a through ball right into the path of his center forward such that he is now in a one versus one against the opposition goalkeeper. The center forward is none other than Andre, who strikes the ball into the back of the net.

The stadium erupts. Andre runs towards him screaming. The entire Bartlett High School team runs towards both of them, jumps on top of each other to form a human pyramid of sorts. The coach and his staff run onto the field and jump on top of the pile of players. It’s a sight to behold. After the celebrations have sobered down, the referee restarts the game with only a minute left to play. Wade and his team have exceeded all expectations. The game will not even go into extra time as things stand. He is congratulated by everyone. He thanks his teammates. The team throws him up in the air, chanting his name. Wade did it.

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