Wade Boggs Launches NFT Development Company Firma Pro

Wade Boggs announces NFT memorabilia and digital collectibles company Firma Pro.

Firma Pro

Hall of Fame baseball legend Wade Boggs is partnering with NFT company Firma Pro to develop unique NFT memorabilia of the world's greatest sports and entertainment celebrities. Similar to traditional autographed memorabilia, Firma Pro enables collectors to assemble and showcase Asset Backed NFTs™, NFTs that represent real-world items.

"I've been watching the NFT market, and I'm excited to become a part of it," said Wade Boggs. "However, I wanted my NFTs to be more than a digital trading card. We're offering the memorabilia collector something very unique."

Firma Pro's first NFT memorabilia drop will feature items from Boggs' personal collection. Boggs will also serve as an advisor to the company. Future drops will feature memorabilia from the personal collections of other legendary sports and entertainment celebrities. The memorabilia minted by Firma Pro is exclusively licensed and cannot be re-minted in the future, representing one-of-a-kind, limited-edition NFTs.

"Firma Pro is excited to announce our partnership with Wade," said David Austin, co-founder and President of Firma Pro. "I can't imagine a more iconic legend to lead Firma Pro in the digital evolution of memorabilia collecting. NFTs minted by Firma Pro are 'asset-backed,' meaning they're backed by real, tangible, items. We're talking about a celebrity's personal memorabilia. Items that a collector would not otherwise be able to purchase."

The NFT market has been explosive this year, with notable sports, music and entertainment personalities releasing NFT collections that sell out in minutes. Often reselling for multiples of their initial price shortly after. However, recent NFTs have featured artwork and video that, while highlighting the personalities and careers of the celebrity, are not tied to physical items. Firma Pro offers something much different.

"Imagine owning a piece of digital sports history, curated and cared for by the person to which it means the most," said Austin. "We want our celebrities to share a personal part of themselves. Show the world what means the world to them. Full sentimental value, nothing less."

For more information on Firma Pro's celebrity lineup, NFT collections and to sign up for drop date announcements, visit www.firmapro.io. For press release information: PR@firmapro.io. 

Source: Firma Pro, LLC