Vytalize Health Announces Over $1,000 in Savings per Beneficiary for 2022 REACH ACO Results

Physicians partnering with Vytalize Health in the value-based Medicare program generated an average savings of over $1,300 per beneficiary by delivering proactive, patient-first care that improved quality and lowered costs

Vytalize Health, a leading provider enablement platform, announced the results for its Realizing Equity, Access and Community Health (REACH) program in the 2022 performance year. Its REACH entity, PT Intermediate, generated an average of $1,343 saved per beneficiary. Vytalize Health ranks among the country’s largest and top-performing REACH ACOs, covering an estimated 240,000 patient lives for 2024 in Medicare’s most advanced value-based program. 

“These strong results are a testament to the high-quality care being delivered by our partner practices through Vytalize’s end-to-end platform,” said Vytalize Co-Founder and CEO Faris Ghawi. “By enabling practices with the right mix of data, tools, care management support and upfront financial incentives, we give primary care providers the confidence to move toward value-based care and enable them to meet performance goals that unlock greater rewards. This shows our patient-first model is improving outcomes, reducing costs and bringing much-needed healthcare access to vulnerable communities. The ACO REACH program has tremendous promise, and we are just getting started.”

ACO REACH represents the next evolution of value-based care. It introduces more advanced alternative payment arrangements and includes a benchmark adjustment that provides positive incentives for ACOs covering vulnerable beneficiaries. 

Vytalize Health is slated to have 450,000 attributed lives across the country next year. The organization works with healthcare providers to advance their value-based care journey by incentivizing care coordination, emphasizing health equity and promoting preventive care. Physicians benefit from working with dedicated value-based care experts who help build effective, data-driven processes tailored to meet the needs of each practice and the people they care for. Vytalize Health is one of the fastest-growing provider enablement companies and has a 98% year-over-year retention rate with physicians who partner with them.

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Vytalize Health is a risk-bearing provider enablement platform addressing the healthcare industry's biggest challenges with its cutting-edge value-based care delivery system. Vytalize partners with more than 5,000 leading providers to improve the quality of care through evidence-based medicine and a patient experience rooted in kindness. By delivering the right data at the right time in the workflow to physicians and their staff, Vytalize makes its partners more efficient and effective, allowing them to focus on proactive, personalized medicine to improve the value of care and lower costs. Learn more at www.vytalizehealth.com.

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