Vyakar Rebranded as LeadAngel

With expertise in B2B services, the rebranded lead routing software - LeadAngel is a simple yet powerful platform providing Account based and Round Robin Routing at very affordable cost.

New Name, Same Great Platform - At LeadAngel, formerly Vyakar, we have changed our name to represent our services and values more accurately. With LeadAngel's - lead routing software, businesses can connect with better leads with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Check out LeadAngel's official website for more information.

A Forbes study shows that about 71% of the inbound leads are wasted due to organizational inefficiencies in following up with the leads. Either the leads are missed, or the outreach is hugely delayed. Needless to say, the inbound leads are often the low hanging fruit with more than 30% chances to convert. This leads to millions of dollars in lost new businesses.

With real-time lead routing and fuzzy matching capabilities, the LeadAngel platform can significantly enhance the utility of today's multi-faceted CRMs. LeadAngel allows for quicker turnaround times to new prospects, reduces duplicate accounts, and provides more accurate lead to account matches. Important features include data normalization, account-based routing, competitors scrubbing, unified data dictionary, and many more. This consolidated program will allow the business' account-based marketing to match and connect with valuable leads that are the most relevant to the company.

LeadAngel is as easy-to-use as it can be for the benefit of all users, regardless of tech skill and level of expertise when it comes to using lead management software. It offers a straightforward user interface with drag-and-drop features that can let you build routing rules rapidly. More importantly, it works with any CRM and can integrate with Salesforce and other CRM systems. A LeadAngel app is available on Salesforce AppExchange for free monthly matching.

About LeadAngel: LeadAngel is a Sunnyvale, a CA-based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation, and Lead to account matching. We use a set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results.

Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases. We offer free demos of our premium product as well as 15 day free trials. Please reach out to sales@leadangel.com with any questions.

Source: LeadAngel