VUV Analytics Inc. Announces the Launch of a Novel Method for Faster Pharmaceutical Product Analysis

New Method for Residual Solvent Characterization by GC-VUV Dramatically Reduces Analysis Time While Improving Testing Throughput

VUV Analytics has announced the launch of a new method for residual solvent testing in pharmaceutical products and excipients that significantly reduces analysis time while allowing the combination of different sample types into a single test. The gas chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet (GC-VUV) spectroscopy method reduces the GC separation time recommended by the Unites States Pharmacopeia (USP) Method 467 of 60 minutes to 8 minutes or less. In addition, residual solvent classes typically run as separate tests can be combined into a single GC run due to the VUV spectroscopy’s ability to provide unambiguous compound identification and quantitation even when signals overlap.

Organic solvents are used in the synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and can contaminate drugs during packaging, storage, and transportation. They account for 50-90% of the mass in typical pharmaceutical operation and present most of the process toxicity.  This new GC-VUV method ensures complete identification of any solvents remaining from synthesis while delivering faster time to results.

“Laboratory managers are constantly searching for ways to increase the productivity of their teams,” said Clark Jernigan, CEO of VUV Analytics. “We are excited to provide pharmaceutical scientists with a unique solution to increase throughput and speed their time to results. Our initial evaluations with top-tier pharmaceutical companies look very promising.”

The GC-VUV method utilizes automated static headspace sampling capabilities delivered by GERSTEL, Inc. The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) delivers optimal temperature and injection setting automation to ensure the most efficient delivery of residual solvent samples to the GC, and ultimately the VUV detector.

“I have tremendous enthusiasm for the potential impact to pharmaceutical testing when GERSTEL’s Multi-Purpose Sampler (MPS) is combined with VUV Analytics’ VGA-100 GC detector,” said Robert J. Collins, President of GERSTEL, Inc., USA. “I anticipate our product solution providing new capabilities to labs around the world that will significantly improve their throughput and data quality.”

More information about the method can be found on the VUV Analytics dedicated Pharma industry page

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