VUV Analytics Inc. Announces International Academic Grant Program in 2017

Program Offers Novel Research Opportunities to Global Higher Education Institutions

VUV Analytics has announced the return of its Academic Grant Program in the summer of 2017.  Eligibility has been expanded to consider both US and international higher learning institutions.  The program represents a unique opportunity for the academic community to pioneer new ideas and research applications enabled by Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopy.  2016 recipients included Dr. Nick Snow of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Seton Hall University and Dr. Adam B. Hall of the Core Mass Spectrometry Facility at the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University.

The VGA-100 Gas Chromatography (GC) detector is the world's first commercially available VUV absorption spectroscopy instrument, and complements all existing detection methods and exceeds performance in those applications that challenge mass spectroscopy. Through the program, awarded grantees receive a no-cost, loaned VGA-100 instrument for one semester.

"Our Academic Grant Program continues to attract academic thought leaders who have applied Vacuum Ultraviolet detection to gain novel insights in their area of study,” said Sean Jameson, VP of Business Development at VUV Analytics, “In this past year we learned a tremendous amount about PAHs and their metabolites in the food chain as well as new ways to characterize ignitable liquids from fire debris samples.  It is clear that there is still a wealth of novel research and publication opportunities to be pursued."

VUV Analytics' proposal submission process will run until May 1st, with grantees being announced in mid-May.  The grant submission process requires all registrants to complete a short form, and submit a 1-2 page abstract describing the scope of their planned research involving the VGA-100 detector.  For more details on the Academic Grant Program, visit the registration page here.

​The VGA-100 detector has claimed the distinguished "Best New Analytical Instrument" award at the Gulf Coast Conference, emerging from a competitive field of the world's newest scientific instruments. Additionally, The Analytical Scientist named the VGA-100 a Top 5 winner in their annual Innovation Awards.  R&D magazine also named the VGA-100 a 2015 R&D 100 Market Disruptor Product Winner. These awards represent validation from leading analytical chemists of the vast potential offered by this seminal and unique approach to a largely routine and established science.

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